DocLab Face Ampoule From Korea

Monday, June 20, 2016
As a makeup artist, I have tried and explored so many ampoule from different brands. Ranging from the high tier ampoule to the really cheap and affordable ones, ampoule does makes a difference to our skin especially if you want your skin to look radiant, glowing and firmer instantly, people will usually use ampoule for an instant effect. This is why very often you can see brides uses ampoule because on your big day, you will definitely want to look your best. Besides that, ampoule also traditionally use for makeup to last longer.

However, trends are also constantly changing and the skin care evolution is also developing and advancing even further. When I used to purchase ampoule, I always have to choose which range of ampoule that I want to use on my skin, each range of ampoule have it's own benefit like anti aging ampoule, hydration ampoule, moisturizing ampoule, anti sensitive ampoule, and more. I will always end up buying few different range of ampoule!!

When DocLab Face Ampoule approached me to do a review, in my mind I was thinking, probably its just another ampoule brand, what else? but I was wrong! When I started using the ampoule, I was so amazed! 

What are ampoules?

Ampoules are airtight glass containers that are filled with a concentration of highly active ingredients. Ampoules usually contain botanical extracts, vitamins and enzymes in various combinations and do not have any preservatives or chemicals due to the airtight packaging. These ampoules are designed to address every skin condition and deficiency. Ampoules can have remarkable effects on various skin condition, skin dryness, dullness, irritation, hyper – pigmentation, as well as, aging.

How to use the Doclab’s Hyaluronic Acid Face Ampoules?

Day: Cleanse –> Tone –>Ampoule  –> Sunblock –> Makeup

Treatment: Cleanse –> Tone –> Ampoule –> mask –> Moisturiser

Night: Cleanse –> Tone –> Ampoule 

Benefit of using face ampoule:

Makeups will last longer, skin is more hydrated, controls sebum & makes our face look less oily, regulates skin by giving extra moisture, tightens pores, repairs skin & makes it more radiant, strengthens skin, anti wrinkles & weak tissues etc.

- Skin moisture boost and deep hydration with Hyaluronic Acid

- Restore skin suppleness and elasticity with Collagen

- Retexturize skin, smoothen fine lines and reduce wrinkles with Ginseng Extract

- Natural anti oxidant and skin protection with Vitamin E

- Powerful skin whitening and lightening with Arbutin

- Skin soothing and refining with Witch Hazel Extract and Aloe Vera Leaf Extract 

Each box comes with 5 bottle of ampoules. 

One bottle of ampoule will last you for one day. Use it for day and night but because my face is relatively small, I can use one bottle of ampoule 3 times. Day, after shower and before bed. 

These ampoule are seriously holy grail! I was once injured by breaking a traditional glass ampoule apart but for DocLab Face Ampoule, it's so easy to unseal the cap! and you can seal it back with the cap and kept it for one day of usage. 

The ampoule is formulated in South Korea and is also certified by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health.

DocLab Face Ampoules are made of natural ingredients, alcohol free, paraben free, silicone free and animal ingredients free.

Ingredient list

Before & After of using DocLab Face Ampoules. 

My verdict of DocLab Face Ampoule:

Recently due to hormone changes, my skin is super sensitive and constantly breaking out. My pores are also super enlarged, my skin texture is very rough and sometimes, it may occur my skin that will appear redness around my nose and chin area. 

I was literally so annoyed because my skin is getting so sensitive, I became very cautious and careful what to apply on my skin because my skin itself is already so sensitive, I dont want to trigger or irritates it even more. 

Without putting in too much high hopes on DocLab ampoule, I just use it like my other skin care routine and I was so amazed by the results!

My skin instantly felt firmer, the second day my skin produce lesser oil sebum and my redness seems to subside!! I continue applying the ampoule and the results was amazing! The ampoule balances my skin so much and it's just perfect! Normally, my face will be super oily by late afternoon, but by using this ampoule, it holds up my oil sebum so well, keeping my face matte and hydrated all day! I falling in love with this product more and more!

Not because this is a sponsored post but the ampoule really does makes a huge difference for my skin!

What I like about the DocLab Ampoule:
- Oil Control
- Non sticky at all
- Easy Absorption 
- Keep my face matte and no shine
- Hydrated 
- Calms my irritated skin
- Reduce redness 

What I dislike about the DocLab Ampoule:
- It's not that affordable but quality products do comes with a price

Where can I get them?

One box RM138 | Twin Pack RM236 *Normal Price RM276*

Usage and Maintenance
Usually for first time treatment and if you're using DocLab Face Ampoule for the first time, it is advisable to use it continuously for 14 days. After that, you can maintain it by applying 2-3 bottles a week. 

Generally, one small bottle of ampoule can last you for a day, and it's recommended to use the ampoule and finish it within one day.

After applying the ampoule, you dont have to apply any moisturizer anymore because the ampoule itself is very moisturizing and hydrated on its own already!

Keep away from heat and sun, store it in room temperature.



Whatapps - Chih Ling 0192062386

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 Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review, but it does not affect my personal opinion and genuine feedback in any way. 

Hair Makeover by Pro Hair Dressing Team (Taipai Branch)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I used to be very reluctant to do something major to my hair mainly because I'm really afraid that my hair consistency and the quality of my hair will change after doing all the chemical services, and I'm actually quite lucky to born with natural copper colored hair, and my hair is rather straight and non frizzy. So if you ask me to go for color, Im not really keen because my hair is kind of colored and is not pure black, and if you ask me to go for hair treatment or re-bonding, Im not too keen either because my hair is pretty straight. So never in my life, I did any major changes to my hair. I only trimmed my hair few months once by the professionals, and thats it. I dont really spend money on hair saloon either, and because of all these factors, I always neglect my hair. Even after few years of being in the beauty industry, I cant believe that Im actually still neglecting my hair. Hair play such an important role, it can just change your mood just like makeup, and frankly speaking, we dont really have much time to style our hair on daily basis and I find it really hassle to just curl my hair just to make myself look good. I always like long hair, and if any hairstylist try to trim my hair really short, I will go crazy and literally boycott the particular hairstylist for trimming my hair so short. 

I was approached by Pro Hair Dressing Team in Taipan branch, and I met the director of the salon which is Stephen. My best friend have been attached to this salon for years, and she always recommend me to go here. So I thought why not give this salon a try.

When I went to his salon, the salon was really packed. Even though I made an appointment, I still have to wait for him, and I waited him about half an hour or so, he quickly came and checked on my hair, and I was approached by his staff abruptly and his staff started doing something to my hair, and I actually stopped the staff. I got so nervous because I was not inform on anything and what is he going to do with my hair. Stephen came over quickly in the midst of serving his other customer, and explained to me that his staff will do hair treatment for me because he told me that my hair was really dry, and I was shocked because all these while, I thought my hair was really healthy and I dont need any hair treatment. So his staff proceeded on doing hair treatment for my hair. 

While doing hair treatment and waiting for Stephen. 

After Stephen done with all his walk-in customers, he apologized for making me wait for so long and he told me it was very unusual for him to have so many walk in customers on a weekday. He was joking around and said I actually brought luck to his salon or something LOL 

Stephen started hair consultation by telling me which type of hair that I belongs to, he told me that my hair can get fizzy very easily (I mean I know my hair can get fizzy sometimes, but I didnt know my hair actually belongs to fizzy category), and he even told me that I can never pull off long hair with permanent perm because my hair will end up looking very fizzy and he advised me to be careful on that. Then he proceed on telling me what kind of hairstyles will suits and complement my face feature, and I also told him my concern which is my hair parting, my left side of hair parting was really balding and if he have any any solution to this. He advised me to switch my parting, we tried different partings, and ended up, he switched my parting to the right side for me. I find it very informative because Stephen actually gave me a clear explanation and information that I didnt know about my hair. He explained it in really detail manner and he even help you to understand your current hair condition.

After the explanation, I was like "Its okay la, I think you can do anything to my hair because I really cannot decide, make me look pretty then can la", so he advised me to go for shoulder length, and he will perform C-Perm on my hair. 

Just in case if you're wondering, WHAT . IS . C-PERM 

C-Perm is actually one of the perm that really in trend right now, basically if you flip on magazines, K-Pop stars really emphasized on C-Perm hairstyles. I dont really fancy K-Pop, but I know curl in hairstyles are really in the trend now, and I'm really anticipating to my new hairstyle and what will Stephen do to my hair. 

Stephen trimmed few inches of my hair before he perform C-Perm for me, and this is after my hair treatment.

I get to chit chat with Stephen for quite awhile and he really emphasized on quality and the outcome, and I actually found out that he always believe in delivering a good hairstyle that look good on his customers and the quality chemical products he used on his customers. 

Quality and outcome is his main priority for this salon over the 10 years. 

This is Stephen and one of his hairstylist, checking every strand of my hair and making sure the chemical are well absorbed into my hair. 

This is the magic machine that actually gives you the C-Perm look, and I was really fascinated by it.

One of Stephen's hairstylist was constantly checking on my hair and make sure I dont get burned by this machine. 

After 4 hours of sitting in the salon, this is the outcome!

Stephen actually revived and enhanced the quality of my hair, and my hair is so bouncy after all the treatments. 

Here is a comparison photo of BEFORE and AFTER. 

So many people actually complimented my hairstyle and asked where is this awesome saloon located and they're keen to give it a try. Now I know my best friend recommended me this salon. Im really happy with my hair and services received from Stephen and his team. Very professional and most importantly, Stephen gave me a new perceptive about my hair. 

This is after a month or so, the curls are still very lasting and I felt in love with my hair more and more each day. 

This is how my hair look like from the side view. 

From the back. 


Portrait photographs by Adrian Loh, he take really good photos! (check out his instagram at @adrianlkj) 

The after hair care:
This hairstyle does not require much of hassle regime. Right after your shower, you just need to apply leave on conditioner on the bottom of the curls, and blow dry your hair as normal. After your hair is dry, apply leave on conditioner again to make sure the curls are moisture, so the curls can curl it up nicely. 

Overall, I really love Stephen's hair services and the quality of the products he used on his client. I really recommend this salon and you should at least try once, you will definitely love Stephen's hair services too.

For bookings and inquires: 
Address: 58G, Jalan USJ 10/1B, 47620, UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel : 03-56369222


Review: Ginvera Marvel White Skincare

Thursday, August 28, 2014
Do read up my previous post about Ginvera Marvel White Skincare event launch just in case you missed it :) 

As mentioned in my previous post, since the age of 12, I suffered with skin problem. Be it acne, oily skin, and the worst thing is, stubborn blackheads! In this post, Im going to put the Ginvera Marvel Skincare into test, to see whether it can help with my blackheads. 

Ginvera Marvel White Skincare is specially designed with double whitening function series - remove your blackheads and brighten your skin at the same time. Besides that, each product consist of natural ingredients like Japanese Green Tea and Shiso to help clear the blemishes and helping you to achieve the fair and bright complexion.

Here I have with me the whole range of Ginvera Marvel White Skincare. Each set comes with the cleanser, toner, blackheads gel and face moisturizer. 

Step 1: Exfoliate with Ginvera Marvel White Zero Blackheads Marvel Gel

Ginvera Marvel White Zero Blackheads Marvel Gel can help you get rid of blackheads without any pain. Other than that, this product can be use daily and is not harmful to the skin at all. Unless some products in the market, scrub and peeling gel is not recommended to use daily but for the product, you can use daily for an ideal result. 

Ginvera Marvel White Blackheads gel consist of ingredients like green tea extract to deliver a radiant skin tone, swiss cress sprout and soy bean extract to deliver whitening benefits and keep your skin moisturized, lastly with the Japanese shiso extract, it helps to relief redness and itchiness and also help prevent bacteria growth of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. 

This product claimed to have 5 feature points: 

1) Remove blackheads effectively 
2) Reduce the appearance of spots, pigmentation and acne scars
3) Removes dead skin cells for a brighter complexion
4) Refines the pores
5) Allow the skin to absorb more benefits of skin care

Squeeze an appropriate amount, then spread entirely on your face. Make sure your hands and face is DRY, but do keep your hands clean before the application. Then rub the product on the entire complexion until white/grey-ish flakes appear which is your dead skin, dirt and excess oil sebum. Then, rinse it away.

This is my skin after using Ginvera Marvel White Blackheads Gel after 1 week, as you can see in the pictures, my dead skin is tremendously reduced. So therefore, not much of skin flakes appeared.

Step 2: Cleanse with Ginvera Marvel White Complete Cleansing Foam 

I love this cleanser because it leave my skin the cooling sensation and I feel so comfortable after cleansing my face using this cleaner. 

Ingredient list

Wet your face, and squeeze an appropriate amount and lather the cleanser all over your face. Massage it with circular motion. The white creamy lather will helps to remove the impurities and excess oil that help clog your pores. Clean pores = free from blemishes, blackheads and break-outs!

However, my face would feel a little tight after using this cleanser but the outcome is definitely worth it. I can feel my face is so squeaky clean, and my skin immediately brighten up. 

Step 3: Clarify with Ginvera Marvel White Refining Toner 

This toner comes in a spray application, so is much more convenient and easier. The product claimed that it helps tighten your pores and leaving the skin soft and nourishes. This toner claimed that it can be easily absorbed, and it wont leave you the sticky feel. 

Ingredient list

Use it day and night after cleansing your face. Then hold it 20cm away and spray evenly, and dab it into your skin for full absorption. 

Step 4: Moisture your face with Ginvera Marvel White Whitening Face Lotion 

This face lotion claimed to help whitens and moisture your skin. Moreover, it will also keep your skin blemish-free and a healthy radiant glow. This lotion is also claimed that it have an innovative non-sticky & non-greasy formula. So the lotion will absorb into your skin completely and keep your skin moisturized for the whole day.

Pump an appropriate amount and gently massage it into your skin. 

Overall, I really love this light-weight face lotion but at night, my skin would feel slightly too dry because Im always in air condition room. However, this product work incredibly well at day time! my skin is oil free after using this product. 

After using Ginvera Marvel White Skincare for almost one week or so :) 

In general, not much of complain. Simple skincare regime is always the best! it works very well for my skin. Besides that, this range of products is very inexpensive. I will definitely repurchase the blackhead gel!

You can get this range of skin care in any leading pharmacies in Malaysia.

For more information:


Ginvera Marvel White Beauty Launch Event - Green Tea & Shiso

Friday, August 22, 2014
Since young, my skin concern is always blackheads. I find it so difficult for me to source a reliable skin care, I tried so many products in the market, it didnt really work well on my blackheads. I go to facial at the age of 12. Therefore, as I growing up, I often rely on facial treatments cause of the effectiveness and fast result. I used to go facial treatment every month but due to time constraint, Im really afraid that I dont have the time to visit my beautician in a frequent manner, and my beautician just moved her salon to a place much more distance from my area. So utimately, I need skin care that deliver reliability, effectiveness and instant results. Even up till now, Im still trying to find the suitable skin care for my skin that able to remove blackheads effectively. 

Before I proceed on for more of my grandma story about my skin concern, lets move on to an event that I attend recently regarding blackheads.

So I was invited to Ginvera Marvel White launch event that was held in Fullhouse lifestyle and cafe in Cheras. I got lost finding the location because Waze is so misleading! However, I still managed to reached that place in time for the ceremony.

The theme of the event is wedding; we are encouraged to wear white or mint color to complement the theme given. The main highlight of this event is the new range of products with combination of green tea + shiso!

I love how the team put in so much effort into the decoration, look exactly like a wedding! with the red carpet, rose petals, flowers and balloons!

The newly weds; Mr.Shiso and Ms.Green Tea! 

 Ginvera Green Tea skincare was launched in year of 2002 and Ginvera was the first brand that implemented green tea into the products as an ingredient. However, due to the lifestyle we have today, a new improved formula of the product is birth forth to complement with our busy lifestyle. Therefore, fret not! your journey to fair and flawless skin starts here with Ginvera Marvel White.

Literally felt like an wedding event, champagne, wedding cake and bouquet of roses!

 Ginvera Marvel White skin care consist of cleanser, toner, face lotion and the powerful Zero blackheads Marvel Gel!

Mr.Dwaraka, the CEO of Ginvera. He briefly explained us through the details about Ginvera brand itself.

Ms.Shellies Tan, the product manager of Ginvera briefed us through the new range of products; Ginvera Marvel White skin care.

So what is Ginvera Marvel White skin care? 
Ginvera Marvel White is a combination of 2 in 1! This range of skin care is able to help deliver the fair flawless skin, and at the same time, lighten your pimple scars and help remove your blackheads effectively.

As I have mentioned earlier, due to the hectic lifestyle we have today, this range of skin care is specially designed for us! Ladies who are age of 20s - 29s, Ginvera Marvel White skin care is your answer to the flawless skin without too much of hassle.

Ginvera Marvel White consist of main two ingredients from Japan; Shiso + Green Tea.

Both of the main ingredients can help to;
1) Relief skin sensitivity like redness and itchiness. (Shiso is a very good anti-inflammatory ingredient)
2) Prevent the growth of blackheads and whiteheads
3) Prevent the growth of the bacteria from pimples
4) Brighten your skin

Products demonstration was explained by Ms.Shellies as well to help us understand the products in depth, and after demonstrating the Ginvera Marvel White skin care, the model's skin is brighten up instantly and she even claimed that her skin is so soft after the process.

Took photo with Mr.Shiso and Ms.Green Tea :D

 Love this flower design decoration, so pretty cant help it. So must take photo with Amelia :p thank you for the invitation! :)

Get to met Cheesie in the event too. She is soooo friendly :)

Ginvera Marvel White Skin care consist of 4 products:

1) Marvel White Complete Cleansing Foam 100g - RM15.90
2) Marvel White Refining Toner 150ml - RM18.90
3) Marvel White Whitening Face Lotion 50ml - RM25.90
4) Marvel White Zero Blackhead Marvel Gel 40ml - RM25.90

Available in - Watsons, Guardian, Caring, Aeon, Tesco, Carrefour, Giant, The Store, Econsave, Billion, Bintang, Parkson, Uda Ocean, Chinese medical halls and other leading pharmacies. 

Stay tune to my next post as I will elaborate more about the products and I will share my personal experience regarding the products :)