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Thursday, August 28, 2014
Do read up my previous post about Ginvera Marvel White Skincare event launch just in case you missed it :) 

As mentioned in my previous post, since the age of 12, I suffered with skin problem. Be it acne, oily skin, and the worst thing is, stubborn blackheads! In this post, Im going to put the Ginvera Marvel Skincare into test, to see whether it can help with my blackheads. 

Ginvera Marvel White Skincare is specially designed with double whitening function series - remove your blackheads and brighten your skin at the same time. Besides that, each product consist of natural ingredients like Japanese Green Tea and Shiso to help clear the blemishes and helping you to achieve the fair and bright complexion.

Here I have with me the whole range of Ginvera Marvel White Skincare. Each set comes with the cleanser, toner, blackheads gel and face moisturizer. 

Step 1: Exfoliate with Ginvera Marvel White Zero Blackheads Marvel Gel

Ginvera Marvel White Zero Blackheads Marvel Gel can help you get rid of blackheads without any pain. Other than that, this product can be use daily and is not harmful to the skin at all. Unless some products in the market, scrub and peeling gel is not recommended to use daily but for the product, you can use daily for an ideal result. 

Ginvera Marvel White Blackheads gel consist of ingredients like green tea extract to deliver a radiant skin tone, swiss cress sprout and soy bean extract to deliver whitening benefits and keep your skin moisturized, lastly with the Japanese shiso extract, it helps to relief redness and itchiness and also help prevent bacteria growth of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. 

This product claimed to have 5 feature points: 

1) Remove blackheads effectively 
2) Reduce the appearance of spots, pigmentation and acne scars
3) Removes dead skin cells for a brighter complexion
4) Refines the pores
5) Allow the skin to absorb more benefits of skin care

Squeeze an appropriate amount, then spread entirely on your face. Make sure your hands and face is DRY, but do keep your hands clean before the application. Then rub the product on the entire complexion until white/grey-ish flakes appear which is your dead skin, dirt and excess oil sebum. Then, rinse it away.

This is my skin after using Ginvera Marvel White Blackheads Gel after 1 week, as you can see in the pictures, my dead skin is tremendously reduced. So therefore, not much of skin flakes appeared.

Step 2: Cleanse with Ginvera Marvel White Complete Cleansing Foam 

I love this cleanser because it leave my skin the cooling sensation and I feel so comfortable after cleansing my face using this cleaner. 

Ingredient list

Wet your face, and squeeze an appropriate amount and lather the cleanser all over your face. Massage it with circular motion. The white creamy lather will helps to remove the impurities and excess oil that help clog your pores. Clean pores = free from blemishes, blackheads and break-outs!

However, my face would feel a little tight after using this cleanser but the outcome is definitely worth it. I can feel my face is so squeaky clean, and my skin immediately brighten up. 

Step 3: Clarify with Ginvera Marvel White Refining Toner 

This toner comes in a spray application, so is much more convenient and easier. The product claimed that it helps tighten your pores and leaving the skin soft and nourishes. This toner claimed that it can be easily absorbed, and it wont leave you the sticky feel. 

Ingredient list

Use it day and night after cleansing your face. Then hold it 20cm away and spray evenly, and dab it into your skin for full absorption. 

Step 4: Moisture your face with Ginvera Marvel White Whitening Face Lotion 

This face lotion claimed to help whitens and moisture your skin. Moreover, it will also keep your skin blemish-free and a healthy radiant glow. This lotion is also claimed that it have an innovative non-sticky & non-greasy formula. So the lotion will absorb into your skin completely and keep your skin moisturized for the whole day.

Pump an appropriate amount and gently massage it into your skin. 

Overall, I really love this light-weight face lotion but at night, my skin would feel slightly too dry because Im always in air condition room. However, this product work incredibly well at day time! my skin is oil free after using this product. 

After using Ginvera Marvel White Skincare for almost one week or so :) 

In general, not much of complain. Simple skincare regime is always the best! it works very well for my skin. Besides that, this range of products is very inexpensive. I will definitely repurchase the blackhead gel!

You can get this range of skin care in any leading pharmacies in Malaysia.

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fibiee can i know the ingredient lists in the ginvera face lotion? i wanted to try their face lotion cause i've the marvel gel already and i love it! thank you so much for the effort :)