Korea madness: L'Egere Products review!

Saturday, August 09, 2014
In this season, Korean products are getting so popular! everyone is raving about BB cream and CC cream. Besides all the cream, strong significant thick straight eyebrows are also very in trend. Well, today I'm going to share with you guys some tips on how to achieve the crystal clear healthy looking skin.

Price: RM88 (hishop is now having offer, RM78 for one!)
Size: 9g

First of all, I will be introducing this loose powder! this is not any ordinary loose powder :)

When this loose powder touches our skin, it will turn into water! and giving you the translucent and natural looking healthy skin!

In the description, it stated that this loose powder have 5 main functions which are Patented Water Soothing Technology, Moisturizing, Pore Treatment, Whitening and Anti-Aging and lastly, Brilliant Gloss.

This loose powder provide another a powder sponge which I find it so hygienic.

Beautiful transparent mirror effect packaging :)

When you open up the cover, another new sponge is provided. 

Moreover, this product is sealed with two layers of plastic. Dont peel the entire thing off! keep it sticked on, so your powder dont disperse around. 

Product description that provided in the product. 

Instruction on how to use: 

-> Apply after your BB/CC cream or foundation.

-> To retouch your makeup with this loose powder, make sure you wipe away your oil excess sebum by using tissue or blotting paper.

-> The sponge that provided in the product, can be wash and reuse again after dry. 

This loose powder is very fair actually. So I would recommend you to use a foundation or BB/CC cream that is not so light in the skin tone. So it would complement with this powder.

I love how fine is the powder is! no cakey feeling at all after applying. Furthermore, my skin feel really soft after testing on the product :) My skin also feel really moisture after applying this powder. 

Scroll down to see the result when I use it together with 2 other CC creams!

2) ❤ L'Egere Aqua Soothing Essence-In CC Cream ❤

Price: RM88 (Hishop is having a promo, now selling RM78 for one)
Size: 35g

I love this product the most and you will find out why in awhile!

This CC cream claimed that it help with hydrating, and soothing. Besides that, this product helps you to create the matte finish look.

The product consist of 4 main function which are even out your skin tone, hydrating and long lasting, activate your skin and also help soothing and can be use on sensitive skin as well! 

This CC cream comes in a tube size, and is very light weight! I bring this product along with me to my short getaway vacation. This product is sooo handy!

If your skin doesnt have any major problem, you dont need a heavy coverage based. 

Indeed a correction cream, it helps you correct your skin tone, and also your flaws. 

This product comes with a very natural skin tone color, and the texture is really light. If you're looking for slightly tinted sunblock, this will be another good alternative. After applying the product, it even out my skin tone, and also smooth out my skin. Not to mention, is not sticky at all.

Before - Appear slightly redness, uneven skin tone, big pores and flaws like blemishes and pimple scars.

After - Even skin tone, complexion is brighten up overall. Pores are concealed.

Finish Look - After that, I finished my look with L'Egere Magic Water Cool Aqua Powder. Skin immediately lifted up and look so healthy!

Price: RM98 (Hishop is now having offer, selling RM88 for one)
Size: 50g

Lastly, you will not want to miss this magic product! ;)

-> In 15 minutes, this product will blend into your skin natural tone.
-> This product help to repair open pores, pigmentation, fine lines, whitening, dark eye circles and pimple scars.
-> This product contain Arbutin and Niacinamide to help lighten the dark spots and brighten your skin.
-> This product contain the PolyLift which helps to achieve the slim "V" face feature.
-> This magic skin beautifier is not a makeup product, but also a skin care to help repair your skin problem.

Ingredient list

Mad love the gradient color of the packaging

Dont worry if the product appear to be to white. After awhile, the product will oxidant into your face and appear the natural tone according to your skin color. 

After - My skin appear to be so healthy, and I waited awhile for the product to appear the natural skin tone color. This beautifier covered up my pores and pimple scars perfectly. If you are looking for more coverage, you can go for this CC cream.

Finish Look - Completed this look with L'Egere Magic Water Cool Aqua Powder. Brighten my skin instantly. Love the outcome because is so natural looking.

Remember to enter "FIBIEELYH" upon check out to entitled 15% off! only for my readers :)

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I loved this cc cream but is discontinued, could you recommend me a similar product? I love L'egere but it's difficult to find a seller.

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