Ginvera Marvel White Beauty Launch Event - Green Tea & Shiso

Friday, August 22, 2014
Since young, my skin concern is always blackheads. I find it so difficult for me to source a reliable skin care, I tried so many products in the market, it didnt really work well on my blackheads. I go to facial at the age of 12. Therefore, as I growing up, I often rely on facial treatments cause of the effectiveness and fast result. I used to go facial treatment every month but due to time constraint, Im really afraid that I dont have the time to visit my beautician in a frequent manner, and my beautician just moved her salon to a place much more distance from my area. So utimately, I need skin care that deliver reliability, effectiveness and instant results. Even up till now, Im still trying to find the suitable skin care for my skin that able to remove blackheads effectively. 

Before I proceed on for more of my grandma story about my skin concern, lets move on to an event that I attend recently regarding blackheads.

So I was invited to Ginvera Marvel White launch event that was held in Fullhouse lifestyle and cafe in Cheras. I got lost finding the location because Waze is so misleading! However, I still managed to reached that place in time for the ceremony.

The theme of the event is wedding; we are encouraged to wear white or mint color to complement the theme given. The main highlight of this event is the new range of products with combination of green tea + shiso!

I love how the team put in so much effort into the decoration, look exactly like a wedding! with the red carpet, rose petals, flowers and balloons!

The newly weds; Mr.Shiso and Ms.Green Tea! 

 Ginvera Green Tea skincare was launched in year of 2002 and Ginvera was the first brand that implemented green tea into the products as an ingredient. However, due to the lifestyle we have today, a new improved formula of the product is birth forth to complement with our busy lifestyle. Therefore, fret not! your journey to fair and flawless skin starts here with Ginvera Marvel White.

Literally felt like an wedding event, champagne, wedding cake and bouquet of roses!

 Ginvera Marvel White skin care consist of cleanser, toner, face lotion and the powerful Zero blackheads Marvel Gel!

Mr.Dwaraka, the CEO of Ginvera. He briefly explained us through the details about Ginvera brand itself.

Ms.Shellies Tan, the product manager of Ginvera briefed us through the new range of products; Ginvera Marvel White skin care.

So what is Ginvera Marvel White skin care? 
Ginvera Marvel White is a combination of 2 in 1! This range of skin care is able to help deliver the fair flawless skin, and at the same time, lighten your pimple scars and help remove your blackheads effectively.

As I have mentioned earlier, due to the hectic lifestyle we have today, this range of skin care is specially designed for us! Ladies who are age of 20s - 29s, Ginvera Marvel White skin care is your answer to the flawless skin without too much of hassle.

Ginvera Marvel White consist of main two ingredients from Japan; Shiso + Green Tea.

Both of the main ingredients can help to;
1) Relief skin sensitivity like redness and itchiness. (Shiso is a very good anti-inflammatory ingredient)
2) Prevent the growth of blackheads and whiteheads
3) Prevent the growth of the bacteria from pimples
4) Brighten your skin

Products demonstration was explained by Ms.Shellies as well to help us understand the products in depth, and after demonstrating the Ginvera Marvel White skin care, the model's skin is brighten up instantly and she even claimed that her skin is so soft after the process.

Took photo with Mr.Shiso and Ms.Green Tea :D

 Love this flower design decoration, so pretty cant help it. So must take photo with Amelia :p thank you for the invitation! :)

Get to met Cheesie in the event too. She is soooo friendly :)

Ginvera Marvel White Skin care consist of 4 products:

1) Marvel White Complete Cleansing Foam 100g - RM15.90
2) Marvel White Refining Toner 150ml - RM18.90
3) Marvel White Whitening Face Lotion 50ml - RM25.90
4) Marvel White Zero Blackhead Marvel Gel 40ml - RM25.90

Available in - Watsons, Guardian, Caring, Aeon, Tesco, Carrefour, Giant, The Store, Econsave, Billion, Bintang, Parkson, Uda Ocean, Chinese medical halls and other leading pharmacies. 

Stay tune to my next post as I will elaborate more about the products and I will share my personal experience regarding the products :)


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