Review: Bloop Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel (29ml)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
As a makeup artist, sanitizing is very important. I have to make sure my hands are clean and bacteria free before I touch any of my client's face. I dont want my client end up having breakouts from my makeover.

This is my Bloop Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel! super cute and small size too. I put it inside my bag and I bring it everywhere I go.

Product description about Bloop Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel.

Squeeze a 10sen size of amount and spread entire on both of your hands :) the product is scented, so it will leave your hands smell really nice after sanitizing. Do you realized the small blue little dot thingy? is actually an active cleansing beads!

The product claimed to help clear 99.9% of the germs. 

Active ingredient: Triclosan 0.3% 

Overall, I really love this product. The product is really small size, love how convenient it is! I can just slip this hand sanitizer into my bag. Besides that, this product dont sting your hands as well. I really love the scent of this hand gel as well, it's not too strongly scented.

You can get it for only RM4.90 for one bottle! but I would recommend you to get the sets because each set, it comes with the holder! Each set only cost RM24.90 :)

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