Japan madness: Bonavoce Premium Liquid Eyeliner & Purevivi Cleansing Lotion

Thursday, July 24, 2014
Im always a fan of Japan products because of the quality. It can be really pricey for some products but rest assured, the quality of the product is always top-notch!

1) ❤ Bonavoce Premium Liquid Eyeliner ❤

Lets put this eyeliner from Japan into a test! eyeliner is one of my essential tool as well, so Im very particular for certain function. I only use eyeliner that promised to deliver smudge proof, water proof and strong color intensity. 

The packaging comes with the plastic sealed. As usual, Japan products are always so chic! I love the makeup on the model :) 

There are no english description for the product but from the packaging, you can roughly tell the function of this eyeliner.

This eyeliner function like a pen, and I love the gold color design of this eyeliner!

This tip of the brush is really fine and thin. I love creating thin eyeliner looks! so I really like the fine and thin brush tip.

The color intensity didnt really shown up on the first stroke, but after a few shakes, I drawn on the second stroke, and the color appeared to be more intense. 

So I put this eyeliner into water test. I allowed the eyeliner rinsed through the water quite awhile, and the eyeliner still stays the same! then I rubbed it a few times, the eyeliner came off but overall, this eyeliner stay in water pretty good. 

I created four looks using this eyeliner, if you love something natural, this eyeliner is very good for natural looking makeup :D

Color intensity?
Smudge proof? ✓
Water proof? 
Rub proof?  ✘ 
Easy to use? 
Worth the price? 

This eyeliner cost RM54.90 and you can get it here -> Bonavoce Premium Liquid Eyeliner  

Use "FIBIEELYH" to entitled 15% off upon checking out! :)

2) ❤ Alovivi Purevivi Cleansing Lotion ❤

I have a similar cleansing lotion and I love it! because it does not irritate my skin at all.

So this product claimed that it free from all those chemical ingredients. Free from perfume, colorant, paraben, alcohol and oil free! I rarely use any cleansing oil because I find it really very oil. Recently, I've been using similar cleansing lotion to remove my makeup since I dont really apply any heavy makeup nowadays.

Basically, you can remove your makeup and at the same time, it gives the moisture to your skin. 

Ingredient list

Just incase, any of my readers can read Japanese. This photo is for you :D

This cleansing lotion is really very mild, it's non scented as well. Exactly like water!

Remove my eyeliner, eyebrow color, and concealer so efficiently! just one swipe, all my makeup are gone!

Gentle and mild to the skin? 
Moisture properties? ✓
Remove makeup efficiently? 
No harmful ingredients? 

I love this cleansing lotion because it doesnt only remove makeup, but you can also use this as a cleansing. Before you proceed on to your daily routine of cleanser, you can use this cleansing lotion to wipe away all the dirts and sebum excess oil before you cleanse your face by using your face wash. By using this method, you can have the double cleanse effect :)

Normally, I use my cleansing lotion right after I came home. To wipe off my sunblock, dirts and sebum oil. Hence, my cleansing lotion always run out very quickly because I use this on a daily basis. So far, it does not irritate my skin at all, and my skin is so moisture and hydrated after using it. 

You can get this product here ->  Alovivi Purevivi Cleansing LotionHiShop is running a promotion as well, get two bottles of Purevivi Cleansing Lotion for only RM78 while one bottle is selling at the price of RM48.90 :) 

Dont forget to use my coupon code "FIBIEELYH" upon checking out dearies! you can entitled 15% from your purchase! 

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