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Friday, June 27, 2014
Hi lovelies! So sorry that it took me quite awhile for this blog post to be up! I know you cant wait to know where I get my blink blink nails done :D

I dont really make appointments to any specific nail salon but I love getting my nails done occasionally. Sometimes, I would just randomly walk into any of the nail salon in shopping malls to get my nails done, I've been to sooo many nail salons that I actually lost count.

However, this time is an exception. I find it very hassle to make phone call to just book an appointment, so I personally whatapps BeeQnails to make my appointment, so convenient! ;) and now, you can enjoy your pampering session by just a message away.

It's very easy to locate BeeQnails location, I found the nail salon less than 5 mins when I arrived PJ.

For your viewing pleasure, I took some of the photos from BeeQnails' Facebook. This is how the nail salon look like! so elegant and classy yet simple at the same time. I really love the interior design, white color just makes me feel so much more relax. 

BeeQnails are partnership with O.P.I 
♡ Service procedures is in line with quality
♡ Staff are well equipped by O.P.I Academy Malaysia
♡  Uses ONLY O.P.I products 

♡ Service Menu 
Avojuice skin quenchers
Manicure & Pedicure by O.P.I rejuvenating spa manicure
Price range: RM40 - RM120

♡ Nail Art Design 
Nail Art Inspiration and Design reference from nail up, nail venus and nail max
Price range: RM20 - RM100

♡ Waxing Services
Leg & Arm wax using Tiffafine products
Price range: RM30 - RM50

Entrance carpet :D 

Once you entered the nail salon, the counter is just right in front.

Nail polish dripping design on the counter, so creative!

There are tons of O.P.I products here! 

More nail products!!!! :D 

Just incase, if someone is waiting for you. There is a waiting area!

See, you get what I mean? when I arrived at BeeQnails, it was full house! hehe

After that, I was lead to this area. A cup of green tea is served and I was enjoy my TVB show.

While waiting for my pedicure! :)

Nail colors galore!!! I just cant decide on what color I want to apply. 

Soaking my feets happily in the small sink :D

I was pampered with Avocado Pedicure Treatment, and I choose cucumber for my scrub :)

Meet my manicurist for the day!!! her name is Christie :) she is sooo friendly, detailed and helpful!

Look at my squeaky clean and beautiful toe nails nicely polished by Christie! 

Avocado Pedicure Treatment ♡ 

This treatment include:
→ Shaping
→ Soak
→ Scrub
→ Cuticle removal
→ Massage
→ Polishing

Price: MYR75

Blow drying the nails :D

After 1 hour or so enjoying watching my TVB show, and chit chatting with Christie, time passes really quickly! time for manicure :D

BEFORE getting my nails done. The shape is so uneven and sooo long, it's getting very uncomfortable. 

Getting my hands clean by this product before proceeding to my manicure. 

My nails are quite damaged from my previous gel manicure, so I needed this!

This is after shaping and cuticle removal! so clean and nice already :) 

I love how Gel Color by O.P.I is just so quick and fast! so basically, you just put your nails under the gel light in 30 seconds, and TA-DA!! I requested for nude color :) 

After sticking on my accessories! thank you Melissa! :D 

Gel Color by O.P.I ♡ 

→ Gel Color by O.P.I's shine-intense shades cure in 30 seconds
→ Durable and it last for 2 weeks
→ Fully LED cured from foundation to finish only take 4 minutes per set
→ Independent lab testing showed GelColor by OPI maintains shine after 2 weeks

Price: RM50

Actually can last more than 2 weeks, my nails already more than 3 weeks or so. 

After Im done with my gel color manicure, Christie prepare me for hand spa :)

Soaking my hands with serum from O.P.I :) say bye to wrinkly hands with this treatment! 

O.P.I Age-Defying Spa Manicure ♡ 

This Treatment Include:
→ Shaping
→ Exfoliating
 → Revitalizes
→ Cuticle removal
→ Renew
→ Protect hands
→ Polishing 

Price: RM88

Picture time with Christie! really love her service :) 

Thank you Melissa for your service and goodie bag! really inspired by how hardworking you are! :) 

Just thought of sharing with you guys the products I got :D 

♡  O.P.I Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go
♡  O.P.I Tropical Citrus Massage
♡ O.P.I Start-to-Finish (base coat, top coat and strengthening)
♡ Nicole by O.P.I in shade of N1 J03, Give me the 1st dance! (personally picked by Melissa)
♡  O.P.I Expert Touch Lacquer Remover

Please dont neglect your cuticles, they need your care too. Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go have a fine tip brush allow you to apply the product more precisely around your cuticles. 

Look at my cuticle! before and after :D 

I highly recommend this place for you to get your nails done! service is top notch and the ambience is just different :) oh ya, do quote my name and get discount too ;) 

Stay pretty ladies, with BeeQnails!! 

For more information: 

No. 89,Jalan SS2/75
47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Operating hours:
Mon - Fri: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sat - Sun: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Phone: 016 555 5935 / 03 7866 0935


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