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Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Just incase any of you have yet to read my review about Fairy Blossom. Do click on the link in the text! ;) 

Today, Im introducing another beauty drink! It's the Fairy Whitez!

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Fairy Whitez claimed to help lighten dark eye circles, reduce wrinkles on eyes and face, and gives the radiant glow skin and reducing pimples. And if you suffer with pigmentation, it can helps to reduce pigmentation too!

My skin concern are always my big pores, smiles lines, slight fine lines on forehead and lack of glow.

Enriched with botanical essence mix with mulberry! with other main ingredients like lingonberry, salmon placenta, L-glutathione, kiwi seed extract and artichoke extract. So many natural ingredients in just one small little bottle.

Here's the instruction of the product. I normally consume two bottles in a day and trust me, you dont need the opener that comes with it. Im always rushing in the morning, either I rush to classes or weekend events, so I just use my straw and poke it. So much easier and convenient! 

Fairy Whitez is approved by our very own Kementerian Kesihatan(which means Ministry of Healthy) and is effectiveness proven! besides that, each bottle of Fairy Whitez contains 16 types of amino acides and vitamin+minerals! not to mention, 97% or high all natural ingredients!

Size wise, 22ml and is very small bottle. Be very careful when you are handling these bottle because each bottle is made of glass. If you are traveling, be sure to bubble wrap them nicely. 

Each box have 10 bottles. So if you are planning to consume this product for 1 month, you have to purchase 3 boxes at once :) taste exactly the same as Fairy Blossom although different product produced with different ingredients. Not much differences on the taste. 

This is my before and after. My skin appear much more radiant after consuming Fairy Whitez for 2 weeks or so! some of my scarrings are lighten too. My skin feel so radiant and glowy :D 

Fairy Whitez does give my skin the glow and radiant effect, as you can see in the picture my skin still glowing naturally. 

But after one week of consuming Fairy Whitez, my skin started to breaking out, Im not too sure whether are my hormone causing it or my skin is going crazy again so my break-outs are flaring up like mad. Till now, my skin is still flaring very badly from the break-outs. It can be my hormone or my menstrual cycle drawing near. So Im not very sure too on which is the main factor of causing my break-outs. I dont have this problem at all when Im consuming Fairy Blossom. *Skin, pls be well soon*  

Other than that, I really satisfy with the product. I would give double thumbs up if my skin didnt break out. I really hope is not caused by Fairy Whitez because every often, my skin will go crazy for a period of time. 

In another perspective, I think my hormone is reacting differently.

Im still observing my skin condition and it got a lot worse today and just to clarify, I stopped consuming Fairy Whitez since last week but my skin still flaring up. Im assuming my skin break-outs is caused by my hormone but Im not really sure myself too. 



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