Look what I grabbed from Clothes Buffet 2014!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014
Hi everyone! here's what I grabbed from Clothes Buffet 2014 :)

It was fun grabbing clothes together with my cousin, the time frame was only 15 minutes, so I grabbed all my clothes at first glance. I managed to stuffed 9 pieces into my bag and I have 2 extra pieces of clothes that stuffed into my cousin's bag. My cousin managed to grabbed only 6 pieces cos all the clothes was not her liking and preference. 

The choices of clothes are not that fancy, given such short time frame to grab the clothes, it was quite a challenge I would say. I stayed till 4pm as well for the blowout sales because I was waiting for my cousin to finish her class. 

This is my favourite piece of all, it's a dress and I love the design on the flowy part. I bought this during blowout sales for only RM10 :) 

I managed to bought this piece of lace blazer during the sales too. Original price was selling at Eur32.95, after conversion is around RM150 but I got it for only RM10. The best buy ever! 

Grabbed this piece during the clothes buffet, I was attracted by the blink collar. Original price was selling at RM55! such a steal! I will not pay RM55 to get this piece of top though, so it was really worth for me.

I took this dress because of the quality.

I love anything to do with lace and sheer! so when the moment I grabbed this piece, I was really attracted to the bottom part of the top. 

I took this piece because I thought that it will be perfect for casual wear. Super comfy!

Honestly, I have no idea why I grabbed this. The quality seems ok, and this plain black dress is very versatile, you can wear this to any event. 

Took a basic top for myself and also a top for my mom. 

All these tights are for my mom too! she was so happy :D

In total, I managed to grabbed 13 pieces. Felt slightly disappointed with the choices of clothes because majority of the clothes are very worn out and the quality is just neh. Pretty much depends on your luck, my round was not that lucky I guess, didnt get to grab any super nice stuffs but since I get to bought 2 pieces of clothes from the blowout sales, I was quite contented.

Share with me your experience in Clothes Buffet too! did you manage to grab any nice stuffs?


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Sherry said...

good choice on RM10 pc

rest also nice :D