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Tuesday, April 01, 2014
Have you heard of Ore Redefining Femininity? received this sample from an authorized dealer from Ore and I told her I will review the product when Im free. After using the sample, I feel I should share this with you guys. 

Ore Ha Series
100% fully extracted from organic chicken eggshell and 3500 times of smaller molecules for faster result.

- Reparative effects. Reduce scars
- Increase skin elasticity. Reduce wrinkles
- Locks in moisture. Hydrated healthy looking skin
- Liberates glycerin fatty acids
- Fat reduction effect
- Whitening and lightening of pigmentation
- Reduce age spots
- Provide structural hold for collagen and elastin
- Smoother skin
- Resist free radicals and inflammations
- Slows body’s aging process & helps with inflammations such as arthritis and joint inflammations.
- Lubricates the eye. A treat for your visual sense
- Lubricates the joints. Relieves joint pain

What exactly is Ore Redefining Femininity about? Ore Redefining Femininity products are invented with Nano Hyaluronic Acid, which is proven to help eliminate fine lines, wrinkles and even helps to penetrate deep into our skin and body to resupply. Basically, our body and skin is filled with hyaluronic acid but our normal intake nutrients are not sufficient, therefore this product will help us to replenish the hyaluronic acid we need in our body. 

Key ingredients in Ore Ha Series 
- Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12
- Grapeseed Extract
- Birdness Extract
- Aloe Vera Extract
- Fruit Sugar
- Amino Sugar
- Collagen

Ore Ha Beauty Skin is enriched with Nano molecules Hyaluronic Acid, no more going to surgery for injection! 

Prepare your cup and filled the cup with Ore Ha Beauty Skin, mix it well with warm water less than 180ML. 

The taste is not too bad I would say, and the color of the drink look really natural which I believe the product are made with all natural ingredients. 

Ore Ha Beauty mask is enriched with proteins, high level of nutritious Nucleic Acid, vitamin E, B12 and more than 19 types of amino acids!

 After using the mask, my pores appeared not so visible! and I can feel my skin is so much more firmer, brighter and hydrated. 

Overall, just by trying the sample alone, I feel that the product worth trying. 

For more information:
Contact authorized dealer from OreHa
Steph Teo 0163225863
Wechat: StephTeo


Disclaimer: This set of products is sponsored by OreHa for review purposes. However, it does not affect my personal honest review & opinion.

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