Review: LC Derma skin care tried and tested!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
It took me awhile to write this post because I've been trying out the products for the past two weeks. Besides that, editing photos and transferring all the photos into my laptop is such a hassle! I need to think of something more instant and convenient to do my work. Anyway, work aside! So, I switched all my skin care into LC Derma range for the past few weeks to see whether these products work well on my skin.

First I will start with my favourite product to least favourite product, I will elaborate more on each product to state down all my verdict.

What so special about LC Derma?
NO preservative added
NO mineral oil
NO lanolin
NO comedogenic ingredients
NO animal derived ingredients
NO colorant
NO petrolchemicals 

Do visit LC Derma, if you want to view the whole range of the products and also each of the products details and explanation of the ingredients. 

Here are all the product details, just in case you wanna know more about the product like the ingredients and direction of use etc.

I would say I love this product the most. Why? because the texture is so light weighted, and the scent of this product is so pleasant. I can use it both on day and night, this product does not oil up my skin and I love how this product moisturized my skin so well!

Next, Im going to share with you guys this magic spray! after spraying this mist on your complexion, it claimed that the effects will immediately show within 3 minutes time. I did a demonstration on before and after but I realized not much of differences. Do bear in mind, you may feel little burning sensation when you first spray this mist on because your skin may lack of hydration. I almost wash my face when I first sprayed this mist, my face was literally burning! In my mind I was like "Omg?!?! why my skin burn so much?!" but after awhile, the burning subside and I can really feel that my skin is much more firmer and more hydrated.

Very light weighted as well and this product does not oil up my skin at all, perfecto! I love it so much that I've been spraying this so often. Even after I removed makeup, I sprayed on this mist. It's so convenient and easy.

I uses this product at my night skin care regime, my forehead have slight fine lines and also my smile lines are very obvious too, so I would apply this on my forehead and also on my smiles lines. So far, so good! no breakouts or anything. Maybe my fine lines are not that visible, so I cant really tell the differences. The texture is very light weighted as well but the scent of this product is quite displeasing to me.

According to beauty theory, whitening and anti-aging cant be paired up to same application. So alternative days, I uses whitening serum while some other days, I uses anti aging serum. Not sure if my skin at the outset is fairly fair, so I cant really tell any differences as well.

This is one of my least favourite product because it claimed that helps with sebum control but after weeks of using this product, I still dont see any improvements. Im still using this product. Hopefully in long term, it does work. The one thing I really like is, after applying this product, it does gives my face the matte texture. 

This is one of my least favourite product too because it oil up my skin so much. After applied the product on my face for not more than half an hour, my skin appeared so oily! especially on my nose area. Whenever I want to use this product, I will try to minimize the amount of the application. Nonetheless, I thin this a great product as a UV protector. 

After 2 weeks of using LC Derma. My skin appeared much smoother and much more hydrated. My fine lines are less visible and my overall complexion are brighten up as well. 

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