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Monday, March 03, 2014
I used to be very skeptical with all these beauty/health drink because since a teenager, I was told by my parents, relatives or even friends that all these drinks are actually just giving you a temporal result. Shortly after that, it will subside and side effects will start to kick in. 

But with the innovative technology nowadays, crazy things have invented. Heard of Nano-technology in skin care? well, thats not my point. What Im trying to say here is, with the advance technology, all these drinks are surely control in a strict manner. Furthermore, I heard so many testimonials about this beauty drink.

So in my mind, I was thinking..... "No harm trying" ;)

Introducing to you, Fairy Blossom by Fairy Beauty! The brand itself carries two different beauty drinks which is Fairy Whitez for skin complexion and Fairy Blossom is specifically for fermine health purposes and bust enlargement.

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Received these right at my doorstep with a box, sealed and packed nicely by HiShop!

Introducing to you, the well known Fairy Blossom by Fairy Beauty! :)

Fairy Blossom is a feminine beauty drink which claimed to help bust enlargement, firming and fermine beauty. At the same time, it helps to improve your inner health. Each bottle is enriched with botanical essence, mix with mulberry, lingonberry, apple stem cell, pueraria mirifica, wild yam and soy isoflavone!

Beauty best-sellers according to magazines like EH!, Female and NUYOU.

The back view of the product packaging are the details that you need to know.

Apparently, it helps with mood swing. You know there are times when you sense that your menstrual cycle is coming, you will tend to mood swing a lot and during the menstrual cycle, you feel like slapping everyone that comes in your way. Besides that, it helps with balancing your hormone, I've been having this hormone problem for ages! and gradually it gets better when I get older but it's still a problem that been bugging me all these while *big sigh*

Other than that, it helps to enhance your energy and other benefits like, firming your breasts, strengthen your muscle and relieve painful menstruation. Keep scrolling down and read more whether these benefits are effectively working on me.

Ingredient list and nutritional facts for your reference. 

Main Ingredients:


Apple Stem Cell

Soy isoflavone

Wild yam

Instruction on how to drink these "magic in a bottle" ;)

Step 1: Shake well before consume
Step 2: Open up the cap lid. 
Step 3: Use the plug opener that comes with the box and poke a hole!
Step 4: Insert your straw and enjoy your "magic in a bottle"

Each box comes with 10 bottles, so if you would like to consume for 1 month, you have to purchase 3 boxes. 

A very small and handful bottle, I can drink this up by less than 10 secs :P 

To my surprise, my skin have slight improvements. Fine lines are lighten, and pimples marks are lighten too! 

Does it helps with menstrual pain relieve?
Yes it does! I used to have menstrual cramp very badly. To the extend, I have to consume panadols to subside the pain. After drinking Fairy Blossom, my period cramp gradually gets better! 

Does it helps strengthen your muscles and bones?
Yes! I have mild scoliosis and my backbone is always in pain but during the month I consume Fairy Blossom, I didnt even recall any nights that Im sleeping with my backache. 

Does it helps to enhance your energy?
Actually, Im not too sure myself but at times, I still feel fatigue.

Does it helps in bust enlargement?
It does! My bust enlarged one inch after consuming Fairy Blossom!

My verdict?
Overall, Im very satisfied with the product. Regarding the taste, it tasted like a bottle that filled with concentrated mix fruits. At first, you might find it really weird but after 2-3 bottles, you will feel alright. The results dont show up too quick, it takes time for me to observe, monitor all the factors and precisely on measuring my bust. 


Will I repurchase it?
*Get 4 bottles for free when you purchase 2 boxes!!*

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Disclaimer: This set of products is sponsored by Hishop for review purposes. However, it does not affect my personal honest review & opinion.

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