Review: Bloop Nail stickers for kids!

Friday, February 14, 2014
Hi lovelies! Happy Valentine's day to all of you! In chinese culture on the chinese calendar, it's actually the 15th day of Chinese New Year which means Double Valentine's! Happy Chap Goh Mei to all those that celebrating CNY as well. I didnt get to celebrate my Valentine's with my boyfie today because my family is having a dinner later but he is bringing me for dinner tomorrow :) replacement Valentine's celebration... *grins*

Previously, I blogged about nail stickers from Bloop. You can check it out on my previous post! and Bloop have nails stickers for kids too!

So this is the design I have with me. Pink flowers with strips :) 

You can check out other nail products from at this link -> Bloop Nails
*They have nail polish and other design of nail stickers too!*

It's definitely safe for kids! because is alcohol-free, fragrance free, non-allergic. Besides that, it protect nails from breaking too. Just a reminder, not for kids that below 5 years old. 

how to use? as simple as ABC! scroll down to see how I applied these nail stickers on my boyfriend's niece.

For me, I applied base coat first. Before the base coat fully dry off, I quickly applied the nail stick. Then when the base coat is all dries off, take a nail file, file it downwards! and you're done :D 

This is for a smaller nail demonstration. Surprisingly, I dont need to cut any of these stickers to fit on her nails. All the stickers fit perfectly!

and this is the outcome!! pretty? :D

My verdict?
It's very safe especially for kids, rather than applying nail polish because is quite harmful to children's nails. So stickers is a better option since little kid's nails are much more fragile compare to adult. Furthermore, the stickers are adhesive, it wont harm the nails :)

I love how these stickers dont harm the nails, I emphasize it so frequently in my post because I think is really THAT good! 


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Disclaimer: This product is sponsored by Hishop for review purposes. However, it does not affect my personal honest review & opinion.


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