Review: Bloop Nail it Toe strip!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Hi everyone! previously, I did a blog post about nail stickers. For this time round, Im gonna write up a review about Bloop toe strip! 

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Instruction of the product

Why choose nail it with Bloop? I have to agree with all these! I love how convenient it is!

So this is the design I got! super pretty! and I love the combination colors of red and yellow.

Let me show you how I stick on these pretty stickers on my toes! 

I cut the size accordingly to my toe, sometimes it can be slightly inaccurate but its okay, no one is gonna look closely to your toes. 

Applied base coat, then placing the sticker slowly and make sure the side is nicely fit as well. 

After you sticked on, take the nail file that provided in the packaging, file it off the extra sticker. Move it downwards, it will chip off more easily. 

And TADA! my pretty toes nails in less than 15 minutes! :D

Thank you Bloop Nail it! so easy and convenient, especially when days like you're so lazy to paint your own nails. Sticker is way to go! so fast and simple. 

My verdict?
If you rushing, and you dont have time to go for mani or pedi. Nail it Bloop is the best solution! it may not last very long like how nail polishes do but it certainly much more faster and convenient. Besides that, you can DIY! I super love my toes nail now. My toes nail are very hard to take care cos my nails are very fragile, so the stickers dont harm my nails too ;)


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Disclaimer: This product is sponsored by Hishop for review purposes. However, it does not affect my personal honest review & opinion.



AnnTan said...

it looks so pineapple-ish cute!

Janet said...

so cute:) i love it that its not merely a printed design as they added a 3d effect "stones", so lovely ;)

Fibiee Liew said...

Yes, I love the design and also looks like real pedicure! ;)

natasha said...

this is a better option if you don't know how to make the diy cute your post!

Stephanie G said...

super cute and easy! thanks for sharing :) Hello dear! Thanks for the coment on my blog I'm a new follower on GFC and I would love it if you followed back :)