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Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Received my parcel from! and I received this nail stickers for product review! and also a nail polish :D

Follow the instruction if you're unsure how to use the nail stickers. Since it was my first time using the nail stickers, the instructions given was quite clear to me!

So happy to see a pink nail file! :D 

I super love the design! so classy and chic!

After I sticked on my thumb nail, I realized it might look nicer with any base color on below. So make sure if you have a plain white design, you may want to apply a nail color first before you stick 'em on!

The nail stickers are very easy to file off, I would prefer to place it exactly on my nail to see if is fits. 

After got all the stickers sticked on! :D 

Super love the details of the design, so pretty!

Overall, Im quite satisfied with the result. The only thing about nail stickers is that stickers cant last THAT long but if you're in a hurry to an event or you want your nails to look pretty in a quick way, nail sticker is a very good choice! 

I sticked on the stickers and at night, I went to worked as a makeup artist with my nail stickers on, some of the stickers got chipped off at the edges. I return home forgot that my nail stickers are on, so I used alcohol to clean up some of my stuffs and the stickers all came off! :(

Next up! its Bloop nail polish! :D

The colors are so vibrant! if you like pink-ish tone, you can just apply one coat! it appears to be slight red pinkish tone! 

This is after I applied on two coats! I find it too plain, so I used up the remaining stickers to glam it up!

The consistency of the nail polish is alright and dries up pretty fast too. The color is very vibrant and it appears quite smooth. 

After done my nails, I tweeted on my twitter! you can do it too! and remember to tag @bloopcosmestics! :D

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