Review: My Beauty Diary NEW UPGRADED Cosphingo Aloe mask!

Sunday, November 10, 2013
I was so excited to try this new upgraded mask from MBD! The only concern for me was the ingredients because the old version ones actually contain ingredients like paraben and alcohol but with this new upgraded version, no more paraben, alcohol and other harmful ingredients! one more reason for myself to love MBD even more now! 

Received the mask from the PR, so when it delivered to me, the packaging is not that nice and sleek.

Two main function of this mask:
Optimal moisturizing 
Comforting and soothing 

Ingredient list.

The essence of the mask is overflowing! I even have some of the essence in the mask applied both on my FULL hands! 

Slightly too big for my face size but the sheet mask is so soft and also very thin! feel so comfortable applying the mask.

Be extra careful! you dont wanna end up like me, tearing little parts of my mask. It's so thin which I guess is altered to maximum comfort.

This is me before and after the mask. Can you see on the before picture? my face is so red due to hot weather! but after the mask, it soothen and calm my skin! amazing!

What I like about the mask:
♥Very thin sheet, super comfy!
♥No harmful ingredients, double thumbs up!
♥Soothen and moisturized my skin
♥Slight whitening effect

What I dislike about the mask:
❥The sheet is thin, very easy can be tear off. (I love-hate this thin sheet mask)

Go and try the new upgraded mask now! with 8 different series! Available at Sasa, Guardian and Watsons!

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Disclaimer: Mask was given by the PR for review purposes. However, it does not affect my personal honest review & opinion.


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