Review: Momo Breast Firming

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Hi ladies! Supposingly, I need to share this like few months back because initially the company that deal with me, wanted to send me another box of Momo after I finished my first box but I waited for quite sometime, and the second box didn't came. 

Thus, I delayed this post. I was quite disappointed because I didn't receive my second box, the company didn't even feedback or inform me. So I was not even sure if the second box was send out or they don't even bother because I believe if I do consume the second box, the effect would be better and I can write a review more precisely with a better understanding of the product. 

The packaging comes with a very feminine color and description about the product.

Comes with 20 sachets inside. 20 days to complete one box.

Recommend to drink it before meal for better absorption of the nutrients. 

*Click enlarge to read* you must be thinking right now in your mind, safe to consume? I would say yes because apparently it claimed that this drink is produced by fruits extract and with the help of estrogen in the product that active inside our body to stimulates your breast growth. 

Ingredients list.

So this is how the drink looks like after you have stir and mix with 180ML of water. 

Cut the long story short! it did worked on me. My breast increased 2cm! I didnt notice the change after I look through the before and after photos I took. I was quite amazed! 

Since I didn't receive the second box from the company as they promised, it will be difficult for me to explain more in detail because I only consumed this for 20 days. It's quite hard for me to share my experiences as well because honestly, I feel like nothing at all, no stimulation or any reactions. I thought the product didn't work on me but when I compared my before and after photos, I was quite surprised. 

Hope this post helps you to decide and clear any of your doubts on the product. Till then! :)

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Disclaimer: Product was sponsored by the PR for review purposes. However, it does not affect my personal honest review and opinion. Initially, I was sponsored two boxes for the full review but I didnt receive the second box. Therefore, I review this product based on only one box experience.


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