Introduction to Carol Priest skin care!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Thanks to! now you can easily purchase Carol Priest skin care! 

This is my first time receiving a Hishop parcel! they have cash on delivery, free delivery, 100% secure payment and Hishop promise all the products that they're selling is genuine and authentic! 

I received my Carol Priest skin care safely! in a box and nicely packed. 

with all my products wrapped in bubble wrap and also a detail explanation about the products!

So, what is Carol Priest?

Carol Priest is completely free of chemical, natural and is a certified organic skin care! started in 1991, Carol Priest is very careful with the ingredients they use to produce each product. No mineral oils at all but with only oils and plant extracts! They choose the finest and purest ingredients in each product to make sure is the top notch quality and provide a best result for all the consumers!

Here I have with me, the cleansing milk, cleansing cream, lotion, toner and also clay mask! 

The first step - Orange Flower Cleansing Milk, suitable for all skin types!

or you can use this cleansing cream as a substitute. Rose Almond Oil Cleansing cream, suitable for normal and combination skin types!

After cleansing, toning is a must! here I have with me, Damask Rose toner! :) 

Third step, dont forget to moisturizer! :) this is Rosa Damascena Facial Lotion! 

Lastly, Green Clay Mask with herbal oils! 

I will be reviewing each of the product with more details and also my verdict, opinion and all the information you need to know!

So stay tune with my upcoming post! 

Thank you Hishop for the luxury!

For more information: Visit! 

Disclaimer: This set of products is sponsored by Hishop for review purposes. However, it does not affect my personal honest review & opinion.


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