PinknProper Bikini Pool Party!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
I was invited as one of the blogger to help cover the event! and thanks to Vivian (Founder of PinknProper), she gave me an opportunity to glam up the models for her fashion show, featuring the latest bikinis! 

My dream job, making others look beautiful!

Look dangerous I know, but Im 100% confident that I will never poke my model with the scissor. I been sticking eyelid tapes for more than 3 years, way before I start learning how to do makeup, the best I know how!

Here are some of my work, some of the after photos was captured after the fashion show.

One of my model. Did curls in for her hair but it didnt last, so I did a half tie up braid for her instead.

Uni have really nice features, she dont really need that much of makeup though, so I did a natural summer look for her! 

and here's Alice! I gave her a brown and earth tone smokey look to match with the theme :)

Didnt manage to capture before photo with Amanda. But here's the makeup look I did for her :)

Pool party must definitely come with a nice pool!

Super love this area! my favourite color couch! and is really chilly that day.

Bikini collections from PinknProper!

First model was Chocky! changed into four different sets of bikini. 

Second model was Uni!

I love all the bikini that Alice showcase! pretty!

And lastly, Amanda! 

A very good job and outfit styling did by the owner of PinknProper! :)

Chilling with the girls after the show! ;)

With Cassandra! she so slim, I so envy but she really motivated me to go work out as well... 

With Viv! thank you again!

Some of the photos are from PinknProper's FB page :) photography by Nicksterpix!
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