Emerge Prom 2013!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Can you believe it? this is actually my first prom! In my high school days, Im not really interested going to any of those prom. Even for now, I still dont go to any prom in my college. Hahaha! 

My girlfriend as my date for the night :P

Some candle thingy on the table as decoration.


With Cathy!

With Cathy & Elie! :) 

The event started with some ice breaker! 

The crowd.

With Cathy again & Charissa!

Juwita Suwito is one of the performer! love her strong powerful voice!


With Charissa :)

group photo time!

My camera lighting didnt turn out too well on the photobooth :(

With superstar! Chron!

Another group photo! I love this bunch so much.

With Veen! love her sexy back dress!

With Adele!

With Ben!

With Shirley!

My outfit for that night! my dress only cost me RM25 :P with my Coach wristlet, shiny heels from Treats and earrings from Dressing Paula! Makeup and hairdo, none other than myself! my hair get so messy at the end of the event that I didnt want to bother anymore. 

Have so much fun that night and everyone is so well dressed! definitely a night to remeber!



Bee-ccentric said...

Hey Fibs!
You look stunning!
And your gown is just wonderful, is that shade sort of champagne?
I miss prom, we don't have it when we're in college. Ugh :/

Von said...

Babe, looking gorgeous! Love the curls!