FHM Circ De Moda Fashion Competition 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013
Its been so long since I last updated! Im really sorry for being MIA, previously I was so coped up with this competition. Thus, I have no spare time to edit pictures and update my blog. 

Circ De Moda is actually defines as Circus fashion, therefore the theme of my competition this year is Circus! at first, my team and I came up with an idea of doll concept but it didnt work out. But we are glad that we found this inspiration from the character Candy Floss Girl! Here's a treat for all of you!! :) Introducing my Candy girl!!! 

The preparation took my team and I the longest time! we have to make the dress from scratch, props and practice our hair, makeup etc. This is one of our practices with the model :) 

This was another practice with my model Cindy alone :) shes super photogenic!

This was our second practice, I came up with an idea of tying up the bright ribbon on her hair.

During one of our practices, Debbie is my hairstylist! she came up with this braids bun hairstyle!

And our colorful dress! thanks to my tailor mummy! she helped so much on this when I know nuts about tailoring. 

Lollipop props!

This candy sling tray took us 4 days to complete it, we built everything literally from scratch. You have no idea how much burnt we got from the hot glue gun. Every single details is taken care of and we put in so much of effort. 

Colourful makeup! my creation :)

Competition Day: 
Look at our stress face! we only have 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the whole entire look!

Applying a lot loose powder on my model, afraid that the colorful eyeshadows will mess up the face. 

FYI, both Debbie and Cathy have no experience at all in hair styling. Super proud of them! especially Debbie, she learned all these styling techniques from Youtube videos alone! 

TADA! my team's hard work :') super happy looking at our own Candy girl!

Cindy our model rocking the stage!!

and we won 2nd runner up! with the judges! Andrea from Female magazine, Colin the super well known celebrity stylist, Ling the makeup artist and Edwin from Toni & Guy. 

Honestly, I got quite disappointed because I was aiming for champion, even if my team didnt manage to get champion, 1st runner up is what I aimed for. When they announced we got 2nd runner up, I sulked my face on stage. Cant denied that Im quite disappointed. But my team encouraged me and cheered me up so much. So after awhile, I get over it. And accept the fact that my team is still perfect to me no matter which place we have won.

Pardon my lousy design, I dont have any editing software in my laptop so I used paint to design this whole layout. 

Meet my super dedicated team! Yours truly - makeup artist, Cindy - Model, Cathy - Wardrobe Stylist, and Debbie - Hairstylist. 

I would not have done this without each of you, you girls are superbly amazing!!!


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