My colon cleansing experience!

Friday, August 23, 2013
Hi everyone! Im here to share with you guys my colon cleansing experience! 

So what is colon cleansing exactly? To explain in a simple term, is sort of like big cleanse especially for your intestine and a detox for your body! once in awhile, your body organs need to be cleanse! Its not necessarily for diet purpose, since I'm not planning to go for a diet and I cant afford to lose any kgs because I'm really petite! I went for a blood test previously, and I was shocked that my liver is actually infected. Hence, ever since after the blood test, Im very conscious with my health and also what I consume daily. I love fried foods! but for health sake, I stop eating it, not completely yet but Im still trying my best. 

And if you're suffering with bloating too, like me. You can try colon cleansing! Im still finding the remedies to cure/reduce my bloating. So stay tune with my upcoming posts!

First day: 
So on my first day of colon cleansing, I drank only this juice!

Ingredients are two apples and two oranges! and please keep the fruit fibers! dont filter it away! throughout the day, I drank water and snack on fruits too.

My experience:
Since it was my first day, I expect I will get tired easily since Im not eating any solid foods but surprisingly, I'm still okay! and I remember that night I stayed up till quite late due to some work. And, Im didnt starve much as well.

Second day: 
 Ingredients, two carrots, one apple and one orange! and in between, I drank red bean soup too.

My experience:
I cheated a little on the second day because I was starving when the moment I was awake! I tried so hard to persevere but my dad brought home some dessert. So I drank my red bean soup and ate some youtiao (Chinese oil stick), just two little small pieces! but towards the night, I felt alright. So I went bed at 11pm. 

Third day (FINAL DAY):
Ingredients are one beet, two apples and half squeezed lemon! on the morning, I drank plain water with lemon, and during lunch, I drank half cup of oatmeals, at night I ate Subway chicken slice salad.

My experience:
Okay, firstly I wanna clarify, you're not suppose to eat any solid foods but because I was having cold sweats in the afternoon, so I thought dinner I will just eat normally but something healthy. I dont wanna over do it and get myself in trouble like fainting.

But on the last day of my colon cleaning, I felt so much healthier! believe it or not, my bloating reduced really a lot! my stomach was so flat! I really wanna continue on my colon cleaning to one entire week (not recommend if you have weak immune system and any sickness) but the cold sweats swiped off the idea away because I think cold sweats is a sign that my body couldn't take it longer already. 

So this marked the three days experience of my colon cleansing! on the fourth day, I take it slow, I drank cabbage soup during branch and seaweed soup for dinner. And I resume eating  solid foods on fifth day. 

My mistake was that, I didnt prepare my body for this colon cleansing. I did research online, you're supposed to have light/vegan diet three days before and after, to prepare for it. And I didnt consume 1500 calories each day during my colon cleaning which is no-no-no! I think I consume much lower than 1500 calories each day!

If you have any questions, do drop me a comment/email/private message me!



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