My Beauty Diary Eye Mask Launch!

Friday, August 02, 2013
Got invited for this event and without hesitation, I said yes! My Beauty Diary is my favourite mask brand, so is a must go event for me! :)

Asked Elaine if she wanna tag along, and she said yes too! Love to have companion when I attend events! ;)

We arrived late, so the event already started. This is Evelyn, explaining the new eye mask product's features!

Introducing the new eye mask!

Wanna get rid of your dark circles? this is for you! ;)

Fine lines or firming? look for this green eye mask!

and if you really dislike your puffy eyes (though is a trend now in Japan, puffy eyes look younger), you can get this puffiness intensive care!

Look at the little booklet My Beauty Diary prepared for all the bloggers! so cute!

And I super love this notebook!

These mask are super awesome! they come with a small packet of moisturizer as well, how can you not love this range of mask?

I really wanna take this whole thing home seriously with the basket. So pretty!! 

Really thumbs up to My Beauty Diary for decoration.

One of the mini booth :)

My hand needs to be pamper too! small mask for my hand :D

Giveaway time! I won myself a piece of mask and a hand cream :) 

With Jess! the super bubbly blogger! hehe

With Jess again, posing with the eye mask! like ambassador haha...

Me posing with these eye mask! cute size also, small hands like me can grab them all at once!

With Elaine! thank you for your accompany babe! really enjoy hanging out with you!

Camwhore is a must! :P

I super love my goodie bag! :P thank you My Beauty Diary!! :) 

Here is a summary of a vlog that I complied!