Fashion Guru competition 2013

Friday, July 05, 2013
Hi everyone!!!

Finally, a really delayed post becos this event actually happened like months back! but nonetheless, is was fun joining this competition! :)

Our given theme is Paris, Street Retro. So lets go back to the oldies and go retro babeh! :P
These are the brands that sponsored my team for our makeup, attires and footwear. 

First stop! dropped by at Guess to choose our outfits. In serious discussion with Angellyn about how to match the outfit. 

This was our first pick, but we passed it because we think is not bold to fit our theme.

Picking our bag! 

Sadly, Guess have not much choices of accessories.

and yes! we took a top to make it as a scarf due to the really limited accessories in the Guess outlet. 

Outfit, accessories and bag checked!

Charissa posing infront of Guess, she look great with the pants! dont you agree? :D

Walking our way to next top which is footwear, heading to Aldo!

Angellyn is like, "No, I dont think is suitable!" hand sign... haha

Charissa is trying out all the heels to decide which pair to pick.

and this is our pick! studded light pink heels! 

We have some time left for this slot, so we fixed her hair a bit since it was all in messed.

Looking soooo retro already!

with my awesome team!!! :)

our second last stop! makeup time!!

Time to do my thang! me picking the right foundation shade for my model with the help from Cathy.

Products that I picked up..

Showing you step by step how I achieve the look, with the help of Angellyn! we did this makeup in one hour time!

My model totally rock it with this look!

Group pictures! 

Final stop! rushed back to our main point, took some pictures for the competition purposes. 

The outfit!

This pair of pants look so good on her! :) 


My group mates :)

Happy poses! :D

Photo booth! :D

And guess what?! we won!!!! :)
Thank you for all the votes! each vote means a lot to us :)



Misa Lee said...

Congrats fibs! I really love the eye makeup <3 what's your prize? ^^

Darina said...

Wow...amazing post... and good job! I like outfit and make up... so stunning.... pants looks perfect :) Check out my blog... and what do you think... do you wanna follow each other?

Fibiee Liew said...

Misa: Some Puma vouchers... thanks for the compliment! :)

Darina: Thank you! sureee :)