Chinese New Year Day Two ❤

Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Hellooo everybodyyy! is time for another update ;) well.... I must say I really love CNY despite all the red packets, meeting my family and friends but also becos I will put in extra effort just to dress up and make up nicely. CNY just once a year, no lazy bump for dressing up!

Loving my button earrings from Forever 21, bought it during price reduction! only cost me MYR7.00!

and Im wearing a Paris Eiffel Tower necklace that I forgot where did I get it from :P

Here's my FOTD, pretty much the same as the previous post. Just that I applied the eyeshadow in different technique.

- Dress from
- Belt from Chiq Fliq boutique **
- Heels from Vincci

and now is for my own vain time :P

Love the dreamy feel! recently fell in love editing my pictures with filters! 

Smileeeeee :D

Thank you for bearing with my vanity :P 

See you in my next post! bye ;)



Jenniya said...

Wow that's so cute valentine earring! Thanks for following back and commenting on my blog.

XX, IamJenniya

Kri said...

you are so adorable! Hope you are enjoying celebrating Chinese New Year!! ^_^

Janet said...

loving the look!, you are just so pretty ^_~

Vivid said...

These dress and earrings, fantastic! Like it so much! : )

Sasa Valencia said...

like your dress, do you mind following each other? let me know!

love sasa

Leblogde Joy said...

Hey ~ I love your blog, your post, your photos, your style.
I am already a member and become your hope to read more of your post.
I also have a blog and I invite you to discover the mine and subscribe if you want.
Thank you ~ ~ ~

Susie Vibes said...

you look so pretty! :)
~followed ya