Tutorial: Green tea drinking packs for eye mask!

Thursday, January 10, 2013
Green tea is my favourite drink and of course, I heard there are a lot of benefits about green tea itself. Green tea contains vitamin K, able to help soothe the eyes and reduce puffiness.

So firstly, pour the green tea into a small bowl like that :) preferable with this kind of aluminium bowl, so that when you store in to the fridge later, the cold is gonna stay in the aluminium bowl. If you dont have any aluminium bowl, any container will do. 

Store it in the fridge for at least 1 to 2 hours.

After storing the green tea for 2 hours, is time for eye mask! 

You can buy the eye mask sheets in all beauty store, its very convenient because it allows you to customize your own type of eye mask. I bought mine in Daiso.

Throw 2 sheets of the eye mask into the green tea, just dipped in awhile will do.

Applied on my eyes and I felt so refresh instantly! leave it for 5 minutes then youre done!

Super refreshing eyes, besides that my puffiness subside and also dark eyes circle tone down a little :)

Do try this method at home! very easy and hassle free to just customize your own eye mask! You might be thinking what about the left over green tea? I rinse the green tea on my face and it felt so good! ^_^

What do you think about own customize eye mask?



JustJaslin said...

Ohh thanks for sharing! I didn't knew they have such sheets in Daiso! SHall try to find it during my next trip there ;)

Many kisses
♡ Jaslin from http://justjaslin.blogspot.sg/

Fibiee Liew said...

Yes you should! very fun and hassle free to play around and customize your own mask ^_^

Anamarija Rok said...

Lovely idea :) let's try it out!

Me-Hi Mary Kim said...

love the tutorial! very creative :) I must try it out.

thanks for stopping by my blog hun!


Life Is Better Blonde said...

amazing blog! would you liek to follow each other?


Domi said...

Wow! nice idea ^^ I'll try it, too..btw nice blog ♥

strawberry said...

i know the trick with Green Tea. It is good and helpfully!


Christine ♥ CHRiiSSYDOLLXO said...

i love using green tea as eye masks, they're so amazing and refreshing! :) great post hun <3

Renae said...

Wow, what a great discovery! I love green tea and Daiso is always awesome so I'll definitely be trying this soon! The eye mask sheets are genius! So many possibilities~

Btw, you look gorgeous even without a speck of makeup on! #jealousss

Fibieelyh said...

Thank you for your kind compliment, but I have heavy eyes circle now.. maybe look least visible in pictures... thanks for dropping by :)

Giovanna said...

Very cool! Need to try this!


Josephine said...

Great tutorial! Thanks for following me, I'm following you back :)

<3 Josephine