Review: Wella Professionals Resist Hair care product

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Hey all! just gonna do a short update today, honestly I have too many skin care and cosmetics to review, I really dont know which to blog about it first. 

I wanted to do the Naked palette review for a really long time and I didnt have time to do the swatches yet. The saddest thing is my Naked palette actually disappeared, I really hope that, its my careless that I misplaced it somewhere, if I really cant find it, most probably my palette have stolen by somebody! :(

Alright, lets get back to business! hehe, today Im going to review a hair care product!

This is a hair care product after your shower! just like giving your hair some treatment after a bathe.

These are the product ingredients and description. Lets see if its work!

Product comes with a pump, easy and convenient!

Comes with foam and is non greasy at all! most importantly, it smells nice.

Tada! the before was my hair after shower, and the after photo is with product applied and blow dry. Pretty amazing eh? my hair look so shiny and not that dry after the application.

Nothing much bad about the product, I personally quite like it! I dont know how much the product cost actually because I won it from a fashion show competition but I assumed, Wella professionals will definitely have quality hair care products since the brand is well known for hair care. If the product is affordable, its worth buying and a good investment for your hair :)

What I like about the product:
❤Nice smell!
❤Non greasy
❤Foam texture, very gentle for hair

What I dislike about the product:




Stephanie Lin said...

Oh wow this looks like such a great product. I need to try it out!

Janet said...

wow! i love the results ^_~

Danitza Galvez said...

Thank you so much for you comment in my blog!!^^
I really like yours and now I wanna try this product!x3 Your hair looks so pretty!!>__<
I hope you have a nice day!;3

Sylvie Stephanie said...

ohh it's wonderful !
i have a dried hair
maybe if i try those, i can have a much softer hair
thankyou for making this wonderful review

Tulip Love said...

The results are amazing! Your hair looks so healthy and glossy afterwards~

Bee-ccentric said...

Hello there!
Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog.
You have a wonderful site here!
Hope we can follow each other :)


Fibiee Liew said...

Stephanie: Yes! it might work on you ;) thanks for reading babe!

Janet: Yes indeed! superb result! :D

Danitza: Thank you for your kind comment, do dropby my blog more often :)

Sylvie: Yes dear! its really a good product, worth trying! thanks for reading my blog :)

Tulip: Yes ;) loving the result! thanks for reading!

Bee-ccentric: Definitely! thanks for reading ;) <3