My fashion habits!

Thursday, December 27, 2012
Talk about fashion, I wont really say that I'm a fashionista or a fashion icon. And suddenly, I have the mood today to just blog about something. So I decided to take some time and list down a few of my fashion habits! ;)

I believe everyone have their own sense of style and fashion, and if you ask me, do I have any fashion icon or where do I get my fashion inspiration? well, I just dress and style according to my mood that day itself but honestly, I dont have a specific style to label myself as what kind of fashion I love to wear because I tend to always, just buy whatever I like :P 

Here are some of my fashion habits!

1) Comfort over style!

I normally wear clothes that presentable, and most importantly, comfortable. I cant stand wearing clothes that are super uncomfortable and bother me the whole time Im wearing it, therefore I always choose comfort over style! perhaps, you can say like "you dont really know about fashion, normally people who dress fashionably will always choose style over comfort" but for me, no thank you! Because I really cant stand myself wearing uncomfortable things on me, besides that, if you can choose comfort and style together, why not? its a win-win situation! ;)

I dont end up like Kim Kardashian, wearing a super uncomfy leather dress that bothering her especially when you're someone with fame, everything you do, people notice! :P *not trying to say that Im someone with fame okay? just dont want up like her, look really embarrassing*

Or wearing a pair of really uncomfortable heels? I had enough of that seriously, even if my feet can stand it, I cant stand it anymore. I learn to be really careful now when comes to picking which type of heels to buy.

2) Shorts over jeans!
Yeah, I know you must be thinking, are you crazy? jeans are so comfortable and fashionable! but I would really like to emphasize on this point, I dislike wearing long jeans or any pants that long and material that super thick wrapping my whole entire legs! I cant stand the feeling of it, it just make me feel so uncomfortable.

Well, dont get me wrong. I do wear long pants too, but most of the time, you will see me wearing shorts rather than long pants except when occasions that require me to wear long pants, then I will wear em. but most of the time, I dont wear long pants.

I LOVE SHORTS! and hey, shorts can be fashionable and elegant too!

Shorts are just awesome!!! dont you agree? ;)

3) Me either wear flats, or really high heels. No medium inches shoes/heels!
You either see me wearing flats, sandals, flip flop or killer heels. I dont wear any one, two or three inches shoes/heels. It looks funny to me. Some of my friends can notice that, and they're like "I dont see you wear any short heels, dont you? you either wear flats or SUPER TALL heels."

I can just say that's my fashion habit. I guess most of you might have the same fashion habit as me too! how many of you are like that? :P

I dont wear any heels that below 4 inches, I will never buy any of them. I only wear heels that are above 4 inches, even same for wedges. I only buy when it look tall enough for me. I know Im a bit insane :P

and most of the time, I buy a lot of flats and I change my flats pretty often because they're plain comfy and convenient! sometimes when I dont feel like matching any of my shoes, I just slide on with my flats, super easy!

Well, I guess thats it! for now, I cant think of too much of my own fashion habits but these are the pretty common ones I would say. Whenever I buy clothes, shoes or anything, I would look into these 3 fashion habits before I make my purchase. I always shop for shorts instead of jeans and I never ever buy clothes that are super uncomfy. Lastly, I only wear flats or SUPER tall heels.

What are your fashion habits? Comment away people! ;)



Janet said...

ok, I confess I do wear super uncomfy heels just because the shoes itself look so gorgeous. Even though the shoes hurt the hell out of me, I'll still go for it~ IKR! girls! sheesh..

Fibiee Liew said...

Haha yea.... girls :P we always love to be pretty but not afraid of being pain...