Review: L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum

Thursday, November 29, 2012
Got this product from The Butterfly Project for beauty bloggers, the page its actually supported by which is a website giving out free samples to your doorstep for you to try! do check out the website if you want to try new products. 

Product come with this packaging with a plastic on it, I assume the PR wrapped it so nicely for all the bloggers :D

Product description and the ingredient list.

The product also comes with instruction.

Pretty small tube and quite handy. Like a mascara size.

Comes with a swipe tip, just use it like a mascara will do ;)

This is the tip, pretty soft and is really comfortable to swipe on the eye lashes.

Serum is pretty light weight as well, non sticky!

Here's the result after 12 days:

I cant see any drastic improvement but my lashes are slightly more boosted. 

Honestly, my lower lashes are almost bald! but I can see slight improvement on it. Besides that, my end of the lashes look much volume compare to my before photo.

Here's the clearer picture of my lashes on the down view. Overall, I would say the serum is actually help improving my lashes!

Pretty affordable for such tube to improve your eye lashes! better than all the saloon treatment it might cost you a bomb, this serum is worth a try. 


Disclaimer: This product is sponsored by for review purposes, however it does not affect my honest review and opinion.



Janet said...

thanks for sharing , nice review ^_~

Fibieelyh said...

Thank u Janet! :)

Helen Blas said...

I'm using this too, but on and off. I always forget to use it! And I don't see any improvements on my lashes. Maybe if I use it consistently it would work. :)

Fibieelyh said...

Yes, if you have to use it quite often.... so far, been treating my lashes quite well ^_^