NYX Cosmetics Make Over by Megumi Sekine in Sephora Starhill!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012
I was invited as a blogger to enjoy a free make over by a Hong Kong based make up artist, Megumi Sekine! The make over was done by all using NYX cosmetics. One of the cosmetic brand that I've been waiting for so long! now is finally in my country! yeay ;)

I cant stop looking at these cosmetics, the packaging of all the cosmetics are so chic yet classy. I love it!!

This is me before the make over, just with brows and light base :) 

Megumi used this HD foundation on me, my skin tone is number 4 :) 

Skin was pretty bad recently due to the weather changes, I apologized to Megumi about my bad skin condition and she was like "Nah, it looks fine to me!" 

After applying foundation, is time for concealer! the coverage of the concealer is really strong, after applying, my dark eyes circle was completely concealed.

After concealer, is time to prime the eyes! Megumi is using the skin tone eyeshadow base for my eyelids :)

I told her that I want really natural and neutral make up, and she picked up this palette for my make over.

Megumi really put details into doing the make up, she is dabbing the eyeshadow and so that the color pigment will not appear too harsh on my eyelids. 

then is time for eyeliner! Im really sorry because I totally forgot to take pictures with the eyeliner and mascara, but what she used on me is a black eyeliner pencil.

After she applied the black eyeliner, she smudged the eyeliner and blend it with my eyeshadows, so that it will not smudge under my eyes.

For my face, she used the cream blush and then, set it with powder blush! :) 

and lastly, lipstick! loving the cherry red lipstick she applied on me!

So these are some of the products she used on me, didnt manage to capture the eyeliner and mascara though :(

And this is after my make over! loving the natural look! :)

Picture with Megumi! :) 

Closer picture to the eye make up, simple yet very natural looking...

and my lip color! :)

Took some pictures at home after the event, overall I love the look but the only one thing that I dislike about is the foundation because when I look closely to the mirror, my face texture is very cakey and not that natural, perhaps my skin is not suitable for thick foundation application because my skin get oil up very easily, so it will tend to appear very cakey after it absorbed into my skin. Overall, Im really happy with the make over!

Goodie bag was given to me after the makeover! get all excited when I saw all the cosmetics and the pretty lacey small bag! Love it so much :)

I will try my best to write up some reviews about these products. Due to my over collection cosmetics, I have to sort out some of it to keep it myself and some to give it away. So while Im sorting out my cosmetics, please bear with me and stay tune to more reviews yea ;)

Once again, thanks to NYX cosmetics and Sephora! and not to forget, the invitation from the Sephora PR team. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed myself :)

Photo credits:
Event photos: http://facebook.com/marcuslowphoto
Cosmetics: www.nyxcosmetics.com



Janet said...

aww, you look pretty before and after makeup ^_~

Fibiee Liew said...

Thank u Janet :)

Laura-May said...

if you cut your hair, sell me iiit! You have beautiful hair *-*

I love Nyx, i use the concealer and the mascara doll every day. And I have 8 lipsticks !!!

Bee-ccentric said...

oh dear! you're so pretty! :)

Fibieelyh said...

Laura: Haha, thanks dear! thank you for dropping by my blog! :) I love NYX too!

Bee: Thank you for your kind compliement ^_^

Nick said...

You are a true master of the quill! versus laser clinic