My top favourite Youtube gurus!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012
Watching Youtube videos from all my favourite gurus is always something that I look forward to do every night before I head to bed. Sometimes, I even get inspirations just by watching their videos! Most importantly, I learn something from each of the gurus. How amazing is that? you get your knowledge boost just by watching videos.

Michelle Phan is one of my favouriteeeee guru in Youtube. Shes also a self learn make up artist just like me. I honestly think she always did a really great job by just filming up a tutorial teaching others what she know. She is just an amazing person, she loves her mom and she loves God. What more can I say? she is just super amazing! :)

Most of you might dont know who she is, shes a Youtube beauty guru from Hong Kong. Her youtube channel is BeautyQQ and her name is Queenie Chan. She always featured her dogs in her own channel(I love dogs, cant resist!) and she even share a lot of life quotes in her video. Sometimes when my day get tough, I tend to watch her videos and it makes me feel alot better. Well, something really interesting about her, you might wanna find out how old is she ;) because she definitely do not look like her age!

Im pretty sure some of you who love watching beauty videos, you will definitely know who is she! the super bubbly Bubzbeauty! I love her personality so much, she is so bubbly and I just love the way she film her videos. She is so real and words cant describe how awesome she is. A very real person and of course, super fun to watch her videos! :)

And not to forget, Jen from Frmheadtotoe! shes the only beauty guru that I watch that have monolids eyes, and watching her make up videos is just awesome. Honestly, I think she one of the beauty guru have really good skills too! 

Lastly, my favourite Youtube guru will be Angel! :) her youtube channel is Beautifymeeh. I love watching her videos because she dont just film beauty videos, she also film videos like how she decorate her house, hauls and lifestyle videos. I love watching Angel filming along with her hubby which is Aidan. I think Angel and Aidan are one of the best couple I seen :)

Besides that, I love watching Jenna Marbles, if you love something funny, perhaps you can watch her videos. I do watch people like Ryan Higa, WongFu Productions but theyre not my favourite. Well, I would say different people have different perspective and liking. 

Who is your favourite Youtube gurus and Youtube sensation? :)



Janet said...

i love love love Michelle Phan too! I really learn a lot from her tutorials and she inspire me a lot! ^_~

Fibieelyh said...

Michelle rocks!! :) she inspired me a lot too....