Future In Neon Fashion Show 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Hi loves! I'm so sorry for the lack of updates recently, I have been really busy with a lot of things! event after another event, I dont even have time for myself. Now finally everything is over, Im so glad that I have the time to blog again. One of the event Im really busy with is something that Im gonna share with you guys today! It's my first ever fashion show competition! ;)

So basically, in this competition we have to come out with our own theme, own design of outfit, hair and make up! At the first, when Careen approached me to join the competition, I actually thought of giving it up because I cant form any team to participate but thanks to Li Hui :') she came up to me and team me up along with her sister to join this competition!! *Jumping happily!*

Some of the behind the scene photos :) Thank you Ann Ying for the pictures!

I just have to say Li Hui's sister which is Li Teng. She is just plain awesome, she made the dress by her own! insane or what? from a few pieces of fabric transformed into a beautiful dress! :)

Our theme is mermaid :) the sea creature! Look at her huge watery eyes :D

My model on stage flaunting with the trident!

After that, taking photos and chill out in back stage while waiting for the results!

Pardon me the really messy background, my model is resting and I kept on took photos of her, is not easy to wear such a heavy piece of dress.

The details of the make up :)

Awesome hairdo by Li Teng too! theyre not hair piece FYI, is all accessories like necklace and etc.

My team LIGHT. We have a group photo together but we took it with the polaroid camera....

and we won the 1st runner up! Omg :') I cant even believe it when the moment emcee called out our team name, it just feels so surreal!

My make up journey (Sept 2012):
Wining this title is like bringing my dream another step closer, I've always wanted to be a full time make up artist but due to some circumstances, I feel is better to have an education so I took up a diploma business course. Even I took up the course studying stuffs that not even related to my interest which is make up, I still pursue my dream by self learning.

Slowly, I got so many opportunities. Im exposed to doing make up for stage production, print ads, indoor/outdoor photo shoots, and a lot of huge events. Honestly, people can choose so many other make up artist out there but Im given the opportunity and I believe is definitely God's favour upon me.

I was once stepped down by someone saying that Im not even a professional certificate make up artist but I just want to prove it by doing what you love doesnt require a professional certificate. Im not trying to show off just because I have won a title, so many make up artists are better than me in term of skills and I might given up long time ago when someone tried to stepped me down but this is my passion and my dream, Im not gonna let any negative discouragements stop me from doing what I love to do.

Once again, thanks to Careen. My ever so supportive sister in Christ. She never failed to encourage me and giving all her support to me.

Thanks for reading!


Photo credits: Ann Ying, Li Teng, Emerge Kuala Lumpur


Dead_Sexy said...

You're lucky! Here in the United States, it's illegal to earn money doing makeup. If you just do it as a hobby and not for money, it becomes a very expensive hobby.

Dead_Sexy said...

Lol. Illegal to earn money doing makeup *without a cosmetology license*!

Dead_Sexy said...

Of course you can take "donations" but also hope no jealous person reports you for it.

Dead_Sexy said...

You're lucky! Here in the United States, it's illegal to earn money doing makeup. If you just do it as a hobby and not for money, it becomes a very expensive hobby.

Fibiee Liew said...

In Malaysia, we dont need any cosmetology license to become a make up artist, FYI. Even a professional make up artist graduated from a make up academy, do not require a license to become a make up artist too. Im not sure what are you trying to say as you mentioned the "donations" part. I dont take any donations for doing make up for others. My make up is a service and not a donation, therefore if other party wants my make up service, she/he have to pay for it.