Review: Fasio Eye Color Shade Trick Eyes (BL-2)

Friday, August 17, 2012
Bought this during Fasio's sales! heard about the brand before, so I thought can give it a try ;)

The packaging itself have a guide on how to use the palette, but I love to explore around the colors, so I didnt follow the guide, I prefer to use it in my own way :)

The eye shadows are all in shimmer.

Here are all the swatches :) pretty pigmented.

Product description :)

Personally, I dont really prefer to go dramatic, even for my own daily make up I will make it look as natural as possible. I think is actually a habit, even when come to applying dark eye shadows, I will try to make it look natural as well. The colors actually stayed on but for my lower lashes, the eye shadow cant really stayed on.

Overall, Im pretty satisfied with the palette. For my eyes that have oily eyelids, the colors cant last really long, maybe the palette can work well on you but not for me :)

What I like about this product:
❤Pigmented and can be easily apply on
❤Smooth texture

What I dislike about this product:
❥A lot of fall out from the eye shadows
❥Cant really last long on my eyelids



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