Review: IPKN New York My Baby Doll Base SPF20++

Thursday, July 19, 2012
I was so attracted to the packaging because of the vibrant pink color! and I was really excited to try about it!

Apparently, the product contained 52% of milk gel with moisturizer! ;) and on the right photo, thats the official website for IPKN New York.

And I find this really interesting! a BBM IPKN CODE! wow :P so advanced! but Im not sure how it works though...

This is how the product look like ;) so chic and pretty looking!

The pump make it so much easier, so that the product wont mess up everywhere, just pump on the appropriate amount that you want to apply on your face!

The texture is pretty milky but very moisturising as well and is not oily! ;)

After applying all my skin care, I applied the baby doll base on ;) it instantly brighten up my skin and look so refreshing! besides that, it conceal up redness really well! look at my nose area and also the pimple on my chin, it appear least visible after the base!

I'm pretty satisfied with this baby doll base! :) but make sure, you dont pump the product amount too much at once, it will appear really "white and pale" looking. 

What I like about this product:
❤Instantly brighten and moisture my skin!
❤Non oily texture
❤Conceal up redness really well

What I dislike about this product:
❥Cant last really long, skin get oil up after few hours
❥Too much application at once, will make your face appear too "white and pale" 




Janet said...

I could see that it minimize the redness and brightens your skintone. Thanks so much for sharing this review I've been wanting to purchase one of this but still think the need to google up some reviews before actually purchasing. Great reviews ^_~

Fibiee Liew said...

Thanks for reading Janet! :) glad to know that my review help you ;)