Review: Coastal Scents Camo Quad in Medium

Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Today Im gonna share with you this Camo Quad from!

Since my concealer is running low and Im in need of a good concealer, this Camo Quad will definitely help me in every way! and this product is one of the best seller from too! :) 

It comes with 4 cream shades. Even if your skin doesnt match any of these colors, you can still mix and match to find the closest skin tone for your preference. The texture is really creamy and trust me, is not oily at all! is not because for the sake of I got sponsored then I want to say good thing only ok, the texture of the cream is really not oily and smooth for the application. 

Packaging wise, convenient and clear plastic cover. Only weighted 12.5g, super light. Can carry everywhere whenever you want to touch up.

For my skin, I think it appear a little too light for me by using the shade number 3 that I have labelled on the photo above, but overall Im pretty satisfied. At least the cream coverage able conceal up all my imperfections.

I even used it during one of my make up event which is Miss Malaysia Kebaya Wilayah Semi Final 2012. For my model, I used the shade of 2 which I labelled on my photo above. For her, the cream shade suits her well and therefore, as you can see in the picture, is quite perfectly concealed :)

The only thing I dislike about the cream is when this happened (Photo as shown). The texture is pretty cakey if you dont blend it well and you have to make sure that you dab really lightly to get the better coverage. Besides that, the cream got all clogged up on my inner corner eye and I have to remove it away to re-apply it again. To avoid this happen, you gotta be really gentle with the application by using dab on method.

Overall, Im pretty satisfied with this Camo Quad! it sure comes handy for me as a make up artist and is sooo affordable! 

Where to get it?
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What I like about it:
❤4 shades color available, super handy!
❤Able to mix and match the shades
❤Creamy and non oily
❤Non scented

What I dislike about it:
❥Get really cakey if doesnt blend well
❥Cant really last up to 8 hours, have to touch up


Disclaimer: This product is sponsored by Coastel Scents Malaysia for review purpose, however it does not affect my honest review and opinion.

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Galatea Accessories said...

I'm in need of a new concealer too!
My current one doesn't really suit my skin tone.

Thanks for the review, will check out this brand. Hehe.

Denise Wong said...

The concealer seems to make face flawless in just a few secs! Not bad review, I can see a big difference between the before and after! :)

Life of the Immigrants 2 said...

i thought it was just a BB but i think its better cause it has 4 tones you can match the color of your skin tone~ :) -ny

ⒿⓞⓁⓔⓝⒺ ⓁⒺⓦ said...

Mmm.. seems really useful. haha. Love that it has 4 different tones. Convenient to share with friends too :P heheheh.

Rindodo ♥ said...

wah, I love its concept, creates our own shade! hehe

btw, I called the post office yesterday but they said they haven't received any package from MY yet, have you tracked it yet?

Bubbly♥Bitchy♥Witchy said...

Um... kinda like the the coverage it gave on your model... really look gorgeous on her ..!! actually compared to her normal photo.. the after make up looks different... good job fieebe...!!!! hehehe ... Mayb can play2 make up me..??..=)

Fibiee Liew said...

Thank u all for the comments! Indeed, is a good concealer :)

Sabrina: Sure ;) jus tell me when youre free... haha