Review: Cyber Color Auto Eyebrow Pen

Monday, June 11, 2012
When I first started learn how to draw my brows, I always picked the color of dark brown because is the most similar color and matches with my hair color. I love drawing my eyebrows and is always very challenging for me to draw really natural looking brows and one of my make up artist friend told me to use lighter brown colors because we're Asians and we have pale yellow skin tone, is better to use light brown instead of dark brown. So I decided to give it a try ;)

I bought it from Sasa and it cost around less than MYR 20.

I was really afraid to try light brown because all these while, I only dare to pick dark brown for my brows.

General packaging with pencil and the brush.

Color doesnt seems really light. So I was a little relieved! ;)

The outcome wasnt that bad as I expected and I love trying something different but I think it still doesnt really match with my hair color. So whenever I want lighter brows, I will slightly draw on dark brown as the base then work on with light brown color.

Personally, I love how affordable it is with the quality. The only thing that I dislike about is because cant really last long and smudge quite easily. Overall, is a good eyebrow pencil :)

What I like about it:
❤Smooth texture
❤Easily to draw on
❤Color really pigmented

What I dislike about it:
❥Smudge easily and cant really last long



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