Review: L'Oreal Youth Code Pre-Essence

Monday, May 14, 2012
To be honest, Im only 20 this year and personally, I dont really invest my money buying anti aging products because I dont think I need it yet but anyhow, I was sponsored by L'Oreal for this product, so I've no choice to try it and share with you my experience about the product.

Apparently, the product was produced with some sort of technology in gene science to actually help your skin regenerate the youth.

Here is the product description that I have captured it for you to read it including the ingredients list. 

Just in case, if you're still not sure about the product and doesnt know how to use it, the product packaging comes with a mini booklet with general languages in it, so that you can read it before using the product.

Product texture get a little sticky when is almost dries off, but is still bearable. Not TOO sticky to that extend that feel like throwing the product away.

This is my skin after 10 days of using it, my skin got major outbreak and I stopped using it.

L'Oreal Youth Code Pre-Essence didnt work on me, I cant see much differences after using it and after 5 days of using it, my skin got minor outbreak. I didnt bother much because I thought that I was just having lack of sleep, so I continue on using this product and after that, my skin appeared several pimples and my skin got worst, immediately I stop using the product. It might work for you, but definitely not for my skin.

Actually if is general anti aging products for all ages it wouldnt be a problem to use it but my advice is try not to use anti aging products if you're below the age of 24. For me, I see no reason why do you need anti aging products if your skin is looking fine. Unless after the age of 24, you want to prevent it, then maybe you can start using any of it. Personally for me, I dont use anti aging products at all, even if I do, I try not to use that often because if your skin get immune with anti aging products at young age, it will be really difficult to find any products that suitable for you when you get older.

People often ask me how do I take care of my skin. Honestly, Im a very lazy person, I do apply skin care every night but often, I only apply toner on the day time to avoid my skin to be oil up. So when needed, I apply a lot of mask and try to drink a lot of water as much as I can. I know this is not really a good habit, dont try to follow my routine, it might work for me but not for all people.

What I like about this product:
❤Skin get hydrated and smells good!

What I dislike about this product:
❤Skin got outbreak after 10 days of using it, so I stopped it.


Disclaimer: This product is sponsored by L'Oreal Malaysia for review purpose, however it does not affect my honest review and opinion.



Aida Jelita said...

ouchh!! bukan ke anti-aging product for 30 years above.

fibieelyh said...

Skin will start aging when is 25 years old but if you live healthy and drink a lot of water, and do exercise regularly, I think 25 years old still can look young :)

Diana said...

your review is honest I like it :)

fibieelyh said...

but it might work for you ;) <3 thanks for your comment!