Stila Products GIVEAWAY!

Monday, April 23, 2012
I divided all the gifts into 4 sets, so that 4 lucky winners will walk away with the Stila products!

Watch my video to know how to win the gifts!

First set of gift! A shimmer neutral color of eye shadow and a liquid eyeliner! :)

Second set of gift will be a white shimmer eye shadow which also can be a great highlighter and a navy blue smudge crayon! :)

Third set of gift include of a shimmer dark blue eye shadow and a purple smudge crayon.

Last set of the gift will be a smudge crayon and a  liquid black eyeliner! ;)

Dont underestimate the crayon, is super highly demand and is 3 in 1! You can use as a eye primer, eye shadow and also eye liner! :) 


1) Become my blog follower by clicking "Join this site!" on my blog side bar

2) Subscribe to my Youtube Channel "fibieelyh" 

3) Comment on THIS blog post below tell me "why do you want the products and how can it help benefits you?" by providing me your NAME & EMAIL.
Name: Fibiee Liew
"I want to win the Stila products because I think it can help enhance my features."

4) Share it with your friends or share it on your BLOG/FACEBOOK/TWITTER/OR WHATEVER SITE.

As I have mention that I will pick my own winners but to 
avoid any disappointment winners will be select by a random system.

Have fun joining!! :) winners will be announced on 7th of May 2012!




Rindodo ♥ said...

I'd like to join~
I'm your GFC follower: Rindodo

I'm also your follower on youtube (kim hye rin)

I want to win the giveaway because Stila is one of my favorite beauty products~~


pattersonchick said...

i follow ur blog.
mine is pattersonchick
already a subbie to ur yt. mine is pattersonchick
my name is paige and my email is

i would love to win the stilia products because i have never used any of thier prducts before and you chose so many pretty colors :D

ⒿⓞⓁⓔⓝⒺ ⓁⒺⓦ said...

Name: Jolene Lew

I'd love to win the Stila products because I never had any make-up stuff before (other than a eyeshadow set bought this year) and would love to have perhaps a useful eyeliner to try out the 'kua cheong' make up & stuff.

Thanks for having the giveaway (: All the best in everything! :D said...

Name: Kels Hona
GFC: Kels Hona
-I want to win these Stila products because i can't afford high end makeup. Thanks so much for this giveaway

floralandbows said...

Name: Kiki
gfc: Kiki/Floralandbows
I tweeted about your giveaway on twitter.
Twitter @Floralandbows
I want to win the Stila products because i've never tried Stila products before. I also want to start a makeup collection (: I don't have extra money to go out and get my own makeup products. Currently, i only own 4 makeup products so this would mean the world to me!!

**I really want the first gift set!( the black eyeliner and the gold eyeshadow) If i won it i'll scream for joy!!**

Kaye said...

blog: cupcakesformyboo
name: Kaye
I would love to win the Stila products because i think it's cool that it works as an eyeshadow and eyeliner. Also, i have never tried anything from this brand before

Fibiee Liew said...

Thank you for your participation :) keep them coming... love you guys!

c I h said...

Name : MayCih
Email :

I would like to win shimmer neutral color because that is the color i always wanted , it can be used in so many ways ! And I've never tried on this product before so I am very interested in trying !

good luck for your give away contest :D I like to read your blog :D

Bubbly♥Bitchy♥Witchy said...

Hye Fibeee,

Love all ur blog post and ur videos... you're doing such an awesome job..!!! heheheh

Anyways, i would Love..Love...Love to get my hands on some Stila products...

1) I have never won anything before.. =)
2) I am such a bargain hunter. That any make up about/above rm25 is just out of my budget... So this will be an awesome chance for me to try some Stila Products that i cant stop hearing ppl rave about it .
3) I absolutely love make up and your LOVE for makeup also inspires me.. to try some new technics...=)

So , Fingers crossed... Hopefully i am chosen ...

God bless u always ...

Btw, my details are as below

Name : Dina Sabrina
Email/FB :
Blog :

Aida Jelita said...

done followed your blog long time ago.
done subscribed your youtube.
and also done wrote about this giveaway post at my blog

my name is Aida Hazera

I'd like to join this giveaway is that i really want to try this product. I've heard about this product before but i dont know where can i get this product. And you know what this giveaway come at the right time.

thanks having a giveaway, you're really nice and sweet..hahaha

Gintare said...

Name: Gintare
Email: gintare[dot]amber[at]gmail[dot]com

ok, i have never actually tried stila products. well it's not available here. but i've been reading all these reviews about stila products and i wonder is it truth, are they actually so good? so it would be so amazing to try them. probably it's high quality cosmetics? actually i often choose products depending only on the price, so it would be amazing to get some good products for free. besides that i really want to try some new looks and for that you need some new products, right?, so it would be great to win this, try different colors, something different. so i am keeping my fingers crossed on this one. thanks for the giveaway

YT name:Ginni007
shared about giveaway on twitter

jean said...


GFC: ngjeanhui
youtube: jean168168

I would love to win as I have never tried stila products before so this would be a great opportunity. :)

*do follow my blog at as I will be having a giveaway on the 1st of May!*

Sherry said...

Name Sherry Siok Sim
GFC Sherrygo
Email Sherrygo at hotmail dot com
Tweet giveaway at twitter @sherrygo
I like to win because it is not easy to get Stila product here, love to try these beautiful Prize from you

Dead_Sexy said...

My name is Carla.

I'm excited to try out a smudge crayon if I win! Also, I can always use a back up Stay All Day liquid liner because it's my every day eyeliner!

dreamer said...

Name: quinieleong
I want to win the Stila products because I have NEVER found a good eyeliner before. Thus, I would like to try Stila.

shared on twitter!/quinieleong/status/195367404749062144

follow on blog and youtube as quinieleong

Nila Kussriani said...

Name: Nila Kussriani
youtube: nilakussriani
"I want to win the Stila products because I loved all of Stila products, they always have a good product to sell, love it"

ruduś said...

follower ruduś
yt rudakita88
i don't know this company- i have not in my cauntry
i want to try