SEPHORA Stila make over by Dominick Briguglio

Thursday, April 12, 2012
The event was held on 6th of April in Sephora Starhill to create the awareness of the brand Stila in Malaysia.

I was one of the lucky blogger selected by the PR from Sephora to be make over by Dominick Briguglio Stila Director of North American Sales and Pro Artistry! Im so happy and mad excited for it ;)

At the first, I was so afraid that Dominick will have the boastful and "showing off" attitude because his a really experienced make up artist. He worked with really a lot of Hollywood's celebrities previously like Amanda Bynes, Kristen Bell, and many more! he even appeared on E! News that makes me feel even more honoured and privileged to be selected and get a make over done by him. Things turned out to be totally different! he's a really friendly guy and really fun to be with ;)

First, he applied Stila Perfect & Correct Foundation mix with some Sephora brand moisturizer and applied it on my whole entire face. Im not really sure about the shade color he put on me because I was concentrating his application.

After the foundation, he applied Stila Brighten And Correct Concealer on my tired looking eyes.

By enhancing my features and brighten up my tired eyes, he applied Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer Fluide Illuminant all over my eye lids. 

After all the base application, he used the palette In The Garden and applied the white matte eye shadow all over my eyelids, and the green matte eye shadow on my lower lash line by adding a little water to enhance the color of it. The unique feature about this palette is you can apply it wet or dry depending on how natural or dramatic you want it to be ;)

This is the part when he start applying the eye shadows on me. 

Picking up another eye shadow for me.

After applying the white matte eye shadow, he applied this shimmer yellow eye shadow on me, balancing the shimmer and matte look.

Applying the yellow shimmer eye shadow.

And enhancing the colors by applied green matte eye shadow on my lower lash line.

Almost there! He did not apply any harsh eyeliner on for me, he just tight line my lashes by using a brown color pencil.

Stila Poeny Convertible Colours! the blush ;)

He applied it on the apple of my cheeks instead of the whole entire face area of  my cheek to achieve the natural looking blush look.

For the lips, he applied this two products on me ;)

And we're done! everyone looking happy ;)

Look at the magic he did! awesome ;) 

A picture with Dominick! the awesome make up artist ;) 

Loving the look he did for me, something really different.

Pose a picture with the Stila notice board stand ;)

Sephora rocks ;)

And Stila rocks too!!! ;) thanks to the PR team, they're real awesome bunch of humans being on earth! and not to forget, thanks to Careen for introducing me to the PR Sephora team too ;) ♥

OH! and you know what? I have something for you too! YES! you!! my readers :)

Im so blessed by the generosity of the PR team from Sephora. They gave me a goodie bag filled with a lot of Stila products just to try out and not to mention, all these products for all my readers too! I will be giving away 4 sets of gift to my readers and it will be open international! 

Do stay tune with my blog and spread the word! I will be publishing my give away on my birthday which is the 20th ;) 

Ending my post with loves! see you soon ;)

1)Before and After photo from **
2) Event photos all took by Marcus Low **