Review: Xue Yin Zi 03 Two Cell Eyebrow

Monday, March 05, 2012
Bought this in China for only RM2! so cheap :p couldnt resist! 

If you know how to read chinese, the product wrote "is suitable for beginners that just learn how to draw eyebrows" trust me, is not for beginners at all, using this eyebrow powder required skills especially drawing my brows is super difficult by using eyebrow powder.

I was having a hard time to open up the packaging until I found that that it was not "open-close" concept packaging, and is slide one...

Two tone of colors. Light brown and dark brown :)

Honestly, is not easy at all drawing my brows by using the eyebrow powder because I dont really have a shape itself for my brows as you can see in the picture, I have really less hair. When every time I draw my brows, I have to create the shape itself and slowly fill in by using a eyebrow pencil. 

Using eyebrow powder need some skill to create the shape. If your eyebrows are like mine, less hair and dont have an eyebrow shape before drawing, I advise you not to use eyebrow powder but actually is up to personal preference as well. 

For me, after I have tried out the eyebrow powder, I still prefer using eyebrow pencil ;) unless you have really nice brows before drawing, then maybe you can consider using eyebrow powder to enhance but if you dont have eyebrows before drawing like mine, I advise you to use eyebrow pencil, is much more easier :)

What I like about this product:
❤Light texture
❤Can easily control the texture by using powder(in term of the color like you want it darker or lighter)
❤Can use as eye shadows as well

What I dislike about this product:
❥Not for everyone, like especially my brows are not suitable by using eyebrow powder, unless after I have draw my brows using eyebrow pencil and I want to touch up or enhance, then I can use the powder to fill it.




Anna said...

Nice post.
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Isabel said...

The product itself actually looks nice (wth RM 2 only). Maybe you can consider getting eyebrow embroidery at Empro ^_^ Either Ero or Bonbrow?

fibieelyh said...

I dont want to have fix eye brows shape, cos sometimes I draw thin brows and sometimes I like to draw thick brows accordingly to my make up on that day itself, but I would like to try Empro's eyebrow products one day :) hehe.. thanks for recommending :D