Review: Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion

Thursday, March 29, 2012
I was so excited to try this product because I heard and read sooo many good reviews about it ;)

The product description.

Explanation from Hada Labo why the product is made in China when the brand is originally from Japan.

The product after the packaging was removed.

The texture of the product is not oily at all, water based texture.

The amount I applied on my face.

This is the important steps of applying the lotion. It will takes up a little time and effort to do so.

1) Pour the lotion on your hand, accordingly to your appropriate face amount.
2) Spread entirely on your hand palm.
3) Start pat the lotion onto your skin.
4) Keep on patting when you feel is slight sticky(by this time, you will get tired already becos pat too long)
5) But still, keep patting!
6) Until is fully absorbed, you can see a tremendous result of it. 

Instantly feel my skin is so hydrating. The only thing that I get tired of is the patting part because have to pat quite a while to actually get the lotion fully absorbed into your skin but overall, Im quite satisfied with this product, is like giving my skin to drink some water!

What I like about this product:
❤Very hydrating
❤The texture of the product is superb!
❤Pure water base

What I dislike about this product:
❥Takes up a little effort to pat the product entirely into your skin to get the result, you might dont have the time to do it every morning when you need to rush to work/school.


Disclaimer: This product is sponsored by MY Hada Labo for review purpose.



Aida Jelita said...

i heard about this product.. like to try

Fibieelyh said...

You should dear! ;)

Mas Michiko said...

I love this product!!! This is the best toner i have ever used.

Fibiee Liew said...

Totally agree with you!! :)