Review: Biore Cleansing Oil - In Cotton WIPES

Friday, March 16, 2012
Im that kind of person which really emphasize in detail and clean by remove all the make up because I dont want the make up left over on my eyes or my face and it causes them to grow blemishes and pimples or any other nonsense which I dont want them to appear on my face. Personally, I dont really like to apply thick make up because it takes time to remove the make up entirely. 

My friend suggested me to use cleansing wipes, she told me is very convenient especially if you hang out late at night and youre feeling tired already, you can just wipe off all your make up and go to sleep. So I decided to give it a try, actually I bought this for my China trip but end up, didnt use it.

Bought it in Sasa during sales, so the original price I bought wasnt at MYR6.90 ;) 

10 pieces of the cleansing wipes and it claimed that is NO.1 make up remover in Japan. Well, lets see what NO.1 make up remover in Japan can do :)

Product details and ingredients. 

Come with a very small packet.

Went casting with this make up for some job. Thus explained, thick make up is applied :p 

True enough, is really quick and convenient, the make up can be easily wipe off ;)

but some of the make up like my eye lash glue and mascara cant be really remove, even though I tried wipe a little harder, the glue and the mascara still stay on.

If you are looking for something quick and convenient for make up removal, this will be one of the good choice but if you are looking for squeaky clean make up removal, dont go for this. Unless if you always travel around, this might be good for you :)

What I like about this:
❤Quick and convenient
❤Make up can be easily wipe off
❤Soft wipes
❤Smells good!

What I dislike about this:
❥Cant really remove make up entirely especially fake lashes glue and mascara




Aida Jelita said...

me too had a problem to get rid off mascara..

cominica said...

I have this too and yeah it's not effective for removing mascara, and always make my eye area feel dry :/

fibieelyh said...

Aida: Yea, and the remover cant even remove off the fake lashes glue...

Cominica: ohhh, u better dont use it, change another remover wipes :) ur eyes is more important, is not a really good product thou :( i bet there are some wipes are better out there... :)