Review: Magic Colour Lens - Blushy Collection Blue Colour

Wednesday, February 01, 2012
Wore this pair of contacts on the first day of celebrating my Chinese New Year! :)

I was sponsored  to review the blue colour one! :)

Product description.

Look so pretty! :)

A close up picture of myself with the contacts :)

Natural yet strike looking eyes :)

It blends really well with my make up although I applied a-not-so-ordinary eye color which is maroon :)

With flash and without flash :) 

For the overall review, I would say that this pair of contacts really brighten up the eyes and look really very natural. And not to mention, is quite comfortable as well. Compare to all the others contacts from Magic Color Lens that I got sponsored from them, this pair of contacts is the most comfortable of all ;)

What I like about this:
Obvious looking yet very natural
Quite comfortable
Vibrant and gorgeous looking colors on the contacts

What I dislike about this product:


Where to get them?

One year disposal

Disclaimer: This pair of contacts is sponsored by Magic Color Lens for review purpose.


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