Review: Kate Gel Eyeliner BK-1

Sunday, February 19, 2012
Ever since after I learned how to use gel eyeliner, I never want to try any other types of eyeliner anymore ;) gel eyeliner ZE' best!!

and when you opened up the packaging, there's sort of like plastic on top of it to protect the gel eyeliner from falling off from the packaging itself ;)

Product description. 

Smooth gel texture surface.

So, whats consider a good eyeliner? from my personal opinion, at least must water proof just in case you cry or sweat or your skin got oil up and is very important for your eyeliner to be water proof!(wanna run in rain also can) and smudge proof! :)

and I did a test for this eyeliner!

So the first test, I did a water proof test! as you can see in the picture, the eyeliner can really last even though in water. In the fourth picture, the eyeliner have been rubbed a few times by me. Just a little of the gel came off, other than that, the eyeliner still perfectly fine.

And is this the smudge proof test, and FYI, I rubbed really hard and the eyeliner only smudge. Very good in smudge proof! thumbs up!

And for removal, can be easily remove :) and very obvious in the picture, is not oil proof at all.

Make up that using the eyeliner ;) 

Overall, I would say that Kate Gel Eyeliner is really not bad ;) really smudge proof and even water proof! as long as you dont rub so hardly, it can stay on really long :)

What I like about it:
Smudge proof and water proof
A tiny of amount can draw for the whole entire eye

What I dislike about it:





Crystal said...

great review! have you tried kate eyeshadow??they look great

Lash (lihui) said...

good ar? i always use maybelline one.. not bad too :)


fibieelyh said...

Crystal: Thanks babe ;) I tried on all the testers, the texture is not that smooth, so I never really keen to try :)

Lihui: Yeah, Im not sure about Maybelline... but I love using Kate gel eyeliner :p previously I used Cyber Colors one, but dries off very fast... :/

Candhl said...

Been wanting to try Heavy Rotation gel liner or this, but price difference quite big!

Not sure if I should spend more on Heavy Rotation or just get this!

SherLing said...

Hi, wanting to ask between cyber colours and Kate which is a better choice for oily eyelids? I'm using cyber colour now and it seems that after a while during my outing the liner smudges and I looked like a panda.. not sure it's caused by oily eyelids or because I'm out during a hot day that made me sweat more than usual.. BTW, any recommendation on where I can get eye shadow brushes? I'm new to these and learning still. Thanks a lot!