Review: Anosa Cosmetics Pore Vacuumer Hot Gommage

Tuesday, February 28, 2012
This product is soon to be expired which is around June, so before it get expire, let me give it a try ;)

Product description.

Interesting packaging.... 

Look at the scrub.... is like a tube ;) the packaging did a very good job in attracting consumers :p

So lets see! is this a good product ;)

The scrub is just like a generally facial cleansing scrub, nothing special. Apparently when I applied it on my face and scrub it like for 30 seconds, I felt a little slight burn on my face... which is the main objective of the product I guess, to burn the blackheads out, not exactly is like really burning till you cant tolerate, you just felt like something hot in mild on your face.

Honestly, a little disappointing because the product cant really scrub my blackheads out. The only thing that obvious which your skin will look slightly brighter. 

What I like about the product:
❤Skin will appeared brighter after the application.
Cute and nice packaging.

What I dislike about it:
❥Cant really remove blackheads
The scrub is not smooth and cant really scrub well
❥A little rough for my skin



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