Things that I want to thank God for in 2011!

Thursday, January 05, 2012
The annoying, naggy, smelly, fat bf *evil laughs*

My sister in Christ, my best friend and my leader.

My second family! 

Met Pastor Kong and Sun Ho the famous celebrity and took a picture with them!

Promoted from a choir member to back up vocalist in worship team :)

Even before I join the ministry, I was helping out as a make up artist, thanks to Ann! she trusted my skills, and now Im an official make up artist in H&M! :)

My blog that accompanied me for more than 6 years... :)

My full sponsorship China trip by bf's daddy!

And of course, I love my beloved course mate Jor Shin and Marvin Kok.

My blackberry 9700, valentine gift by the boyfie.

My first ever Coach bag and pouch by the boyfie as a cheer up gift for not making through into final in Super GT Queen Search Malaysia 2011...

Im grateful for everything that happened in 2011, bad to good moments, mistakes that I've learned and experiences that I have gained. What about you? :)

And I know is a little too late,  but still, wishing all my readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)



Carmen said...

Hi ! first time visiting your place. that's a pretty coach bag anyway :] Do pay me a visit hhehe, have a good day, with love. carmen/

fibieelyh said...

Hello! thank you for your comment and the dropby! sure, would love to drop by in ur blog too! have a nice day ;)

HannahK said...

My dear, you are one very lucky girl to have been to China on the wallets of your boyfriend's family! What was their reaction? I am about to go on a similar trip with mine too!