L'Oreal Roll' On True Match Perfecting Roll' On Foundation

Monday, January 09, 2012
Personally, I dont really like to apply foundation on my skin. I prefer to have natural looking skin instead of TOO FLAWLESS SKIN and afraid that it might look really fake... Normally, I will just applied compact powder or loose powder on my face make up and I will be set ;)

I was invited to the L'Oreal beauty event true innovation, indeed it was a great event! ;) 

Wanna be quick and yet having the healthy glow looking skin? With just one roll on! and youre done! 

and to be honest, I really hate having like a fake skin which is looking too flawless, and Im afraid that this foundation will do the same to my skin but the result is quite surprisingly different! ;)

And sorry for the finger print on the foundation, I was testing out my skin color to make sure it suits me. So,  What so special about the roll on foundation?  because it contained ideal concentration of pigments which will help unify your complexion! 

and the roll' on applicator! no streaks, no smudges! ;)

Roll.... roll..... roll..... roll up to four to five times then it will be sufficient ;)

Ready for the result?

oh wait!




the applicator is so soft!!



roll eyes area.....

And now we're done!

This is the with and without! :)

and after the application ;) woah, look like I have healthy glowing complexion now :)

Filled brows, blush and Im done! look how simple my make up is today ;) thanks to the roll' on foundation..

LOVEEEEEEE simple make up sooo much.... 

Im loving my foundation roll' on! ;)

Available in the market with 4 shades! and honestly, Im loving it! suitable just for any occasions, even for simple make up! :)


Non scent

What I like about this product:

Natural looking
Good coverage
No streaks at all
Non sticky texture

What I dislike about this product:



Disclaimer: Product is given during Loreal event for review purpose.


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