L'Oreal French Glamour With True Innovation Event

Friday, January 20, 2012
First of all, an apology for the lack of photos because my camera battery drained out during the event and I have to use my BB :(

I was invited by Regina and Angelica for the event, was so happy that I got invited and didnt even expect that each bloggers will receive sooooo many free products for review ;) happy as mad! I know this is a really delayed post because right after the event, I was preparing stuffs to fly off for my China trip. Im not gonna blog like really long post with all the products details in it, if you wanna know more about all the products details itself, just stay tune with my blog ok? from time to time, I will update each of the product provided by L'Oreal :)

Arrived the place quite early, grabbed some dinner before the event start, the foods provided by L'Oreal was really awesome! joined the queue with other bloggers while taking the foods and Jq was the first blogger who greeted me during the event :)

The event started by Ivan Franco, the marketing director of L'Oreal Paris by briefing the bloggers an introduction.

And I got a set of free skin care set from L'Oreal :)

And follow by Ashley Liew, the product executive for L'Oreal Paris briefing us with the L'Oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Gentle Scrub with true innovation ;)

JqRane and me testing out the product :)

After using the scrub on my hair, ewwwww.... all the dirt....

Me very happy after using the scrub cause is so effective!

and after this photo, my battery drained out already :'( so now.... I just can show you some of the pictures that I grabbed from L'Oreal Facebook page.

And is this Shereen Au, Cosmetics Assistant Product Manager briefing with the roll on foundation :) read up my review HERE!

JqRane and me was having so much of fun trying out this product :) white perfect double essence! :D

And not to mention, this is the BOMB! cant wait to review it for you guys ;)

After briefing all the bloggers with the products, now is time for us to explored the new range of cosmetics!

This is like heaven to me........

and the mascara that doesnt even need curler! stay tune with my review :)

and the magic base :D

And apart from the cosmetics and skin care that I have mentioned, L'Oreal also provided us some other cosmetics, they're awesome!!! :)

and this is a gift was given by them too ;)

Overall, it was such a great event! met so many new bloggers and also, getting the free products is my favorite part of all! :p thanks again to Regina and Angelica for the invitation! :) 

Looking forwards to see all the bloggers in the future! :) 


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