Happy Chinese New Year Eve!

Monday, January 23, 2012
I promise myself this year during CNY, I must captured at least some pictures to show it to to you guys! :) instead of blogging a long post but a short and meaningful one :)

First of all, manicure and pedicure is a cant-be-miss-thing during CNY! :) normally for almost every year, I will spend a lot money and allow professional manicurist did it for me but for this year, since I have OPI nail polishes, so I just did it myself instead :) budget + save money :D

Yummy dishes during lunch time! lunch reunion with bf's family side :) 

And guess what? ;) bf's grandma giving us red packets in advanced! I'm so glad that Im not even an official member of bf's family yet, but bf's grandma gave me a big angpao! :) indeed, very generous family :) 

and this is the dishes for dinner reunion! :) celebrating with my own family in father's side. Every year the same dishes but Im always looking forward :) the best home cooked foods ever! 

and lastly, end my post with this cute baby! my 6 months old nephew! :) very hyperactive + playful :) this year Chinese new year is gonna be different because of him! brought so much joy to the family :)

How was your Chinese New Year Eve? :)



Daphne K. Lee said...

OMG loveeee your nails!! I can never do that on my own lol

jane said...

Love the mani and pedi! The food looks delicious as well. Lovely blog :)

Fibiee Liew said...

Daphne: Awww, thanks for your kind compliment! :) practice makes perfect ;) I always messed up in the process of learning :) If I can do it,I believe you can do it too! :)

Jane: Thank you, Jane! for your kind words :) hope you enjoy your stay here :)