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Thursday, December 29, 2011
Sorry for the lack of updates because I've been away for China around 9 days, and thus explained, my blog have no updates at all, to compensate! I decided to share with my readers how do I wash my brushes. I guess different people have their own ways of washing their own make up brushes, so I dont really bother about people saying "OH... this way works better!" at least,  my own ways of washing the brushes it works for me, so I decided to share it with you guys ;)

This is all the tools that I will need them to help clean my brushes! the cute little bear container that I got in Daiso which have two compartment, so that I can rise my brushes through twice and make sure is clean enough, and for the shampoo, Im using Baby Johnson hair shampoo, a pink tray and towels! FYI, I love pink too much that I have to buy everything in pink! too bad there are no PINK Baby Johnson hair shampoo available in the market, otherwise it will be perfect! ALL IN PINK :p

Say hi to my brushes! I used them for my personal use and also make up for others. FYI, this set of brushes cost me a bomb! therefore, I really need to take extra good care of them.

First, I will fill my cute bear plastic container both side with clean water ;)

Im gonna demonstrate this brush which is my face powder brush.

As you can see the first step, I will pour an appropriate amount of shampoo on the brush. 
Then, spread it entirely on the brush and rolled the brush over my hand palm *I only have two hands, so I cant take picture for that instruction/step*
After that, rise the brush in the clean water.
Continue rise it with circular motion, to make sure your brush is clean.

After rinsing the brush in the first compartment, rise your brush again in another compartment with the clean water.
And raise the brush out after rinsing and dap the brush on the container cover to make sure all the water is drip out from the brush itself.
Lastly, wipe it with a clean towel!

For small brushes like all this eye shadow brushes, it makes your work easier because they have less hair and of course, less work to do, you can wash them with two brushes at once ;)

Pour an appropriate amount of shampoo on your hand palm and roll over the brushes on the shampoo. A tip here, before you roll the brushes, make sure those brushes are dry, so that the pigments in your brushes will able to blend out with the shampoo.

For the eye brows brushes, just get a normal toothbrush that you dont use it anymore, and pour the shampoo in the toothbrush and brush over it till all the pigments is all gone ;)

For the make up brush roll, remember to clean it too!

For me Im using Careffour Hygienic Personal Wet Wipes!

Lastly, wipe them over on your make up brush roll and make sure you clean your brush protector too! :)

Finally! done cleaning all my brushes ;)

I placed my brushes on the side ways and the handle is always higher than the top of the brush to avoid the water flowing into my brush connector. Just incase if you dont know, do not place your brushes flatly lying on the tray or the another way round because the water might just accumulate in the brush connector and make it loose, and your brush will gone case ;) dont do that! leave your brushes dry naturally instead of using air dryer or anything other stuffs that make it dry faster, it will damage the brush hair itself and damaging the brush hair quality, keep it somewhere air condition or cooling place leave it over night. For my brushes, it took me 2 days for those brushes completely dries off! :)

And placed them nicely! and there you go! squeaky clean brushes with Baby Johnson shampoo smell! ;)

Time for Q&A!

How often do we need to wash the brushes?
It actually depend on how often do you use the brushes. For me, I make up really often and alternative week, I will help others(church members/friends/people that required my make up service) with make up by using my own set of brush. I wash them like every 2 weeks or less a 3 weeks once :)

Can we use any other shampoo like hair shampoo?
Of course you can ;) but hair shampoo will be a little dry for the brushes I guess, add on with a hair conditioner and probably a hair treatment on your brushes to keep the quality of the hair brush. 

Can we hang the brushes or leave it in a cup instead on a tray?
I think it shouldnt be a problem, just make sure you dont place your brushes on the another way round and the hair brush must be facing the bottom while the another end of brush face towards yourself! to make sure no water can be accumulate in the brush connector ;)

Can we wash the make up brush roll with the shampoo as well?
Yes you can, but make sure you dont be too rough on it and keep the make up brush roll in the best condition and wipe it DRY after washing it, if your make up brush roll is in cloth material, make sure is dry before you placing back your brushes ;)

Do we need to wash new purchased brushes too?
OF COURSE YOU NEED TO! because new brushes that you purchased it have gone through a lot of process in making and all the machines or probably stain on somewhere really dirty! make sure you wash your new purchased brushes before using them! :)

I think thats all for my sharing! if you have any questions regarding this entry, do not hesitate to drop me a comment! hope this entry able to helps you!


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